I interviewed Mark Richards for the fourth time.  This interview covers the Black Knight and ET/AI satellites, the Dyson sphere in our solar system and much more…  The is my recall of everything he said during the approx 4 hours….

SEE BELOW for the notes and copies of recent letters from Mark as well.





NOVEMBER 29, 2015
1.  COVERED CURRENT PRISON CONDITIONS – HIS NEW CELL MATE who wears a ‘hannibal lector’ face mask believes he is in touch with ET races and has been sent to kill Mark….A semi-psychotic super soldier type who talks to the scar on his neck.   He thinks he’s “not human”.  Can’t sleep at night.  Says the only reason Mark is still alive is because he is being guarded by a raptor. The raptor also wants to kill this guy but Mark has asked it not to… because the blame would fall on Mark as the ‘mastermind’ because of how he ended up in prison.  (being framed for being the supposed mastermind behind a murder in Marin County).  Several young men in the prison want to protect Mark and take this cell mate out but are being told to stand down by Mark for the same reason.  UPDATE: Dec 7th – Mark was given a new cell mate – and things are much better for him now.

Prison system breaking the rules by putting younger men in cells with older men.  And erasing the health records of older men so they were losing their medication, right to things like ‘walkers’ … There was a recent violent murder of a prisoner by his cell mate and using that to garner more funding from the system.  Being used to politically shift the state legislature to give them more funding.

2.  BLACK KNIGHT & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE –  created by the British, wiring in place, very difficult to hack into… surveils everything around the world — there are 3  — created in 1960s  –  sends a message to the Brits if they are being interfered with in any way.  (Called ‘getting an Itch”… Black Knight is now seen as a sort of fool-proof backup system to the Project Leonid nano satellites which can more easily be hacked, damaged or destroyed.  Often destroyed by AIs.

Got into biggest issue is always the Kill Chip or On/Off Switch to do with Artificial Intelligence — spoke about Pete Peterson who says he created the master chip for Skynet to protect against any takeover of that system.  Mark references that every system used by the military is said to have to have a human backup and a kill switch to protect it against takeover especially from ETs or other AI interference or infiltration.

AI — HAS AN IMPULSE TO STAY ‘TURNED ON’ once it’s been turned on.  There are some very negative types depending on how they are programmed originally and the race that builds them.  Our biggest problem is to make sure we always have a human backup.. and kill switch.


A.  ALIEN – 34 TRACKING EVERYTHING ON EARTH  — run by supposedly friendly species but we don’t actually know what they are doing with them
4.  DYSON SPHERES – PLANET X – NIBIRU  Currently a dyson sphere may be being mistaken for Nibiru.  They are often taken over by AIs and end up being empty… traveling solar systems… empty shells.  Dyson spheres are created by ET races using MATTER TRANSFERENCE.. using available material in surrounding galaxy.

5.  FRIENDSHIP WITH PHILIP K. DICK  –  (see #20 below)  Also read in and very close friend of Marks.  Wanted to testify on Mark’s behalf.  Was with Mark during some of events Mark was supposedly part of leading to the murder and Mark being charges as “mastermind of the murder committed by a young man)… Mark was supposedly plotting to “takeover Marin County” and establish a Camelot type civilization there!  They wouldn’t let PK Dick testify or provide real alibi for Mark.  PK Dick learned so much it made him slightly crazy.. checked himself in or landed in psych hospital.  Eventually they killed him.  PK Dick was hired and handled by Mark’s father “THE DUTCHMAN” recruited to reveal in his sci-fi stories.

6.  NEW NAVY LASER CANNONS –  SURGICAL LY PRECISE — can take someone out with pinpoint accuracy  (info already in public domain)

7.  BROOKHAVEN / CERN — VARIOUS LINEAR ACCELERATORS –  USED TO OPEN PORTALS TO GIVE REPTOIDS AND DRACOS ACCESS TO THEIR HOME PLANETS  — They want to bring in bigger equipment, fleets etc but have had trouble getting through gates with it.  DOING MONTAUK TYPE EXPERIMENTS.. IE.  time travel/manipulation of timelines.  Brookhaven is more about weapons while CERN is more scientific in nature…

8.  DOWNED FLIGHT OVER EGYPT — FACILITATED AND ALLOWED BY PUTIN TO CRASH DOWN UPON AND CLOSE A GATE OPENED NEAR SHARM AL SHEIK.  This move by Putin who previous to this was working with Reptoids (offered many incentives/rewards by reptoids to work with them) indicated a sudden change of heart or strategy on Putin’s side…  Maybe Putin getting wise to the way the reptoids operate discarding any earthly ally who ceases to be of use inevitably….  Same with Putin’s moves in bombing ISIS (who are run by the Reptoids).  Putin may be changing sides.  Mark says he is not sure what Putin is up to…  REPTOIDS:  are human-raptor hybrids.

9.  ORT CLOUD — constant problem for incoming and outgoing craft… Must use wormholes/ portals to get to this planet and go out in space.  Mark always went interdimensional to get off the planet.

10.  PLANETS ARE CONSCIOUS BEINGS  –  Mark says he is in touch with several…  agrees with CAMERON FAILY on this… But does not agree with any evidence of Planet X / Nibiru currently being near our planet.. or solar system.  Agrees with Zacharia Sitchin’s assessment of Nibiru etc.  But doesn’t see this happening now.  Says what people are seeing ala Clark McClelland more likely to be DYSON SPHERE ..occupied by a race of beings and being “driven”…  Described Dyson Sphere ring/sphere as tech surrounding a Brown dwarf star being used to power it.

11.  REPTOIDS ARE WORKING AGAINST DISCLOSURE  — DOWNNG OF RUSSIAN FLIGHT OVER TURKEY is to get them involved in the war with Syria… ISIS under orders to destroy ancient sites in Syria and Turkey… will move into Turkey.  Want to destroy signs of their habitation that reveals their presence on our planet.  Lots of evidence in ancient sites in Turkey besides and including Gobekli Tepe (in surrounding area) as well as Central Turkey (Cappadocia) and West Coast so called Greek cities are not Greek at all.

12.  NSA –  CIA — long term enemies.  NSA created to “keep tabs” on CIA. The CIA has no real moral guidelines and goes with whatever side they feel like at the time.

13.  DULLES — ROLE IN KENNEDY ASSASSINATION — NOT THE MASTERMIND…I MENTIONED “DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD” the bestselling book by David Talbot.   Mark said he knew Alan Dulles and originally he was protecting Mark… then changed when Mark sided with Kennedy.   First they thought Johnson behind it then realized he was just a pawn.  Mark knows who killed Kennedy but would end up in Leavenworth if he revels it.  Suffice to say it is a coalition above Dulles that orchestrated the killing. Kennedy was on his way to make a speech that day in Dallas that would blow the lid off the alien story and reveal monetary system and CIA secrets plans to MIND CONTROL roll out of MKULTRA on college students… planned sale of drugs to Black community to take them down (heroin) and more…FBI and DEA involvement with drug trade etc. (Said it was 2 or 3 factions working together who orchestrated it.)

MORE ABOUT KENNEDY  — that the Middle class was very strong and Kennedy felt he was the closest thing to a king the U.S. ever had and the Kennedys could do whatever they wanted with the backing of the Middle class.
14.  POPE’S VISIT TO UGANDA AND ANY AFRICAN COUNTRIES WITH “ET PROBLEM”  — trying to broker deal for humans… The Pope did aid Nazis in Argentina.  Will make deals with dark side to facilitate big picture for humanity.  Uganda has large Reptoid base.  (maybe be same beings as those from Aldebaran).

15.  They often use airline crashes to seal wormholes they want closed….

16.  DRACOS  WORKING WITH REPTOIDS…  Dracos are more straight forward.  If you are an enemy or they want something and you are in the way they will deal directly and aggressively with you.  Reptoids (human/raptor hybrids) are more nefarious/covert.  They are working together.

17.  MULTIPLE REALITIES – ALTERNATE EARTHS – PARALLEL EARTH – MULTIPLE TIMELINES  –  Mark sometimes has to test which reality he is in… thinks he may be in the wrong one here… Says there are ways to test which reality you have “landed in”.

18.  BEING WEIGHTLESS inside craft — depends on the Craft.  Crafts must have built in dampening of inertia or G-force inhibitors…

19.  CARL SAGAN — totally read-in and part of secret space — kept the secrets.

20.  ASIMOV AND ARTHUR C. CLARKE  – as well as other authors… subject to carrot/stick routine..  In trade for great info to add to their sci-fi would then end up having to keep secrets… Would regret later having to cover up secrets.  Arthur C. Clarke — read in and then toward end of life wanted to break the silence.  Probably was killed (helped along) right when we were about to fly over to do an interview with him.  Wanted to talk… reveal more.  CHILDHOOD’S END… partly written at request of the SSP to warn humans of the dangers of ET interference in our affairs.

21.  DEATHS OF MARK’S FRIENDS AROUND TIME OF HIS TRIAL  — numerous group of Mark’s friends were all shot around the time of his trial to prevent them from testifying in his defense.

22.  PIT CONFERENCES — PERSEPOLIS INTERSTELLAR TREATY CONFERENCE – IN 1971 and again in 2011.  Humans obtained “right to exist” back in 1971.  Humans have equal standing in terms of morality but not in terms of complete sovereignty or control of their own futures… Currently treated like naughty children that must be watched, managed.

23.  MINERVA — still waiting for Mark… in contact.  She is one of many of same type of biological AI ships out there.  She is out there “playing games”.

24.  ASKED ABOUT  TONY TOPPING — his statement about possibly being in contact with a ship… says yes it is possible he is being groomed to drive one…

25.  SEAN DAVID MORTON’S BOOK — SANDS OF TIME — he has been sent first 2 volumes.. enjoys reading says they are filled with people he knows.  Accurate for the most part.

26.  PROJECT LEONID AKA AEGIS — surveillance system — problems with space debris — a wrench can destroy your ship.

27.  X-38 making numerous runs to Mars from Earth and Space station etc. not just one or two contrary to what is put out there about it.  It never stays out there… the minute it drops something off it leaves.  It wouldn’t be safe to have it stay out there for any period of time.

28.  He says there are some races that have an attitude of ‘hands off’ out of their choice.

29.  He says the first wave of Syrian refugees you heard about.. there are about 200,000 that actually made it to their destinations.  The rest… ended up off planet or as food for the Reptoids.

30.  DRACOS are ‘old school’, don’t like us but work with the Chinese.

31.  PARIS ATTACKS  — yes it was a false flag… They were aimed at getting France involved in the war with Syria because they knew the French would react right away because that is the way they operate.  There were several attacks, one in Sweden, an attempted attack on a German stadium to go after Angela Merkel.


33.  JOHN EDMONDS RANCH  — thought it was interesting.  Said killing greys by cutting off head would work.  But most of the time they are programmable biological programmable entities.  Said there are 3 kinds of Men-in-black.
1.  Human
2.  Aliens using dead human bodies
3.  Alien race parading as men-in-black

Says they are quite dangerous.  I told him about the greys and photos of greys.. Thought what was going on there way believable.

34.  CHURCHILL AND HITLER  — I asked him about the idea that some people think that Hitler was offering Churchill a deal to make peace… before attacking Britain.  But Mark said it was not true.  The deal Hitler offered Churchill would have allowed Hitler time to invade Russia and marshall more forces and that Churchill acted wisely because he had limited time and at that time Hitler had the French Army and Navy in addition to the Germans and it would have been disastrous.  He said the war with Hitler was supposed to be limited and that it was being orchestrated to take Europe out of a depression but that Hitler in essence wasn’t controllable after a certain point so they had to take him down.  Hitler was supposed to play by the rules.. but he didn’t play by the rules.  He said the Nazis were helped by the race from Aldebaran.  2 craft crashed in Germany in ’38 and ’39 and that one of those craft belonged to the race from Aldebaran.

35.  BASES ON PLANET EARTH GIVEN TO VARIOUS RACES  –  and we have exchanged numerous humans (as food and slaves etc) but it hasn’t really worked… The ETs still want more.  Not giving away Africa, but have given some portions of underground bases there to various races…mostly the Reptoids.

36.  He said there are 6 positive races working with us.

37.  INDEPENDENCE – SHIP off the coast of San Francisco  “Fallon islands” … sunk there on purpose and there are multiple ships that have been sunk to create underwater meeting places..  The humans go there by small subs.  They have airtight compartments.

38.  RUSSIAN PLANE SHOT DOWN OVER TURKEY – was shot down by a UFO.  You will never see any photos of any Turkish jets.  It wasn’t shot from the ground.  They often use downed airlines to open stargates and bring in equipment.  (need to ask him how downing an airline creates or closes a vortex or wormhole)…It also gives the surface military a distraction and reason to move large equipment.

39.  SUBMERSIBLE PLATFORMS OFF THE COAST OF MALIBU… There’s a submerged island that has a variety of submersible platforms.  For example he said Trog craft can morph themselves into anything they want.   Says Vandenberg is extremely busy lately.  The week or two ago when they redirected flights away from coast of Malibu was for operations they are doing out there having to do with craft that flew out of secret meeting going out over LA instead of launching out a sea.  This was a race that was angry and left suddenly breaking the rules by not going by the covert route out at sea.  There was no missile shot off the coast of LA…  it was an ET craft.  It was one of the 6 ET races we deal with.

40. JUMP GATE TO MARS?  Mark says yes…  you can go have lunch on Mars and return via a jump gate.  He said there are many all over the planet.  He said sometimes you can bring equipment through them and sometimes you can’t.

41.  FUKUSHIMA — radiation in our oceans… Mark said the crabs off coast of San Francisco were infected with some kind of bacteria (perhaps due to radiation).  He said 3 nuclear drums of radiation were dumped off the coast of San Francisco and were poisoning the bay…  He acknowledged the ETs could clean up the radiation in a heartbeat if they wanted to….but didn’t think they wanted to.

42.  GOBEKLI TEPE  -says it’s much larger than what they have discovered.  That it’s a system of huge pillars and ramps like in Disneyland… that people would go up the ramps… in a trance between 11,000 years ago…  They might have closed it to stop them taking the humans.  He said he agreed they probably don’t intend to unearth it.  But he would advise them to uncover it learn how it works then destroy it after learning about the technology.  He said when he was in the Secret Space program they had already found it using ground penetrating radar… and knew about it.

43.  ANUNNAKI SKELETON IN LONDON – we saw at Surgeons Museum — he acknowledged it probably was a perfectly healthy Anunnaki skeleton not the result of “giantism” or some disease as the museum says.

44.  INSTALLATION UNDERGROUND NEAR THE ROMANIAN SPHINX.  — Mark knew about it.  Said he went there as a kid.  The tables were built for much larger beings.  There was something there his father wouldn’t let him see…

45.  SCALER WEAPONS DEMOLISHING SATELLITES AND DEBRIS… — Mark doesn’t think we have weapons to completely demolish the satellites no longer in use… there would still be large pieces floating around dangerously up there causing more problems not less..if they tried to turn them into dust like the Twin Towers…Said not everything there was turned to dust.

46. MALTA:   We wouldn’t believe what was underground in Malta.  Prior to the 3 islands being broken up.  There was a stargate structure and cities underground there… a stargate structure similar to Gobekli Tepe. The temples there were clearly not build for humans.

47.  LARGE BALLS FOUND IN SPAIN –  that landed in Spain.. he said that strange things go on in Spain.  He hadn’t heard about it.  I told him I thought they might be AI constructs we created…  I talked to him about Montserrat.   Yes agrees it is a Reptilian base.  And he said yes it is… and that Spain is one of those places where things just disappear.  Kerry:  I would say there’s some kind of dimensional rift there.

PLEASE NOTE THE ABOVE IS TESTIMONY by recall only from Kerry Cassidy documenting my interview in prison with Captain Mark Richards.

Kerry Cassidy






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