First of all, they are not gonna save you.  Really what would be the point? You wouldn’t learn to walk or even run on your own would you?

If we are them and they are us does it really mean much if some who are in contact (everyone is in contact whether they know it or not)  have recall and others don’t.  I would submit that while we all come from the stars and will return to the stars… We all have contact.  And therefore there is reason to believe that whatever we know, our inner knowledge will inform us.  Trust in that.

Why, for example, do you think you make the decisions you make?  Aside from the ones that take you off center… the right ones.  The ones that have a good payoff… those come from your higher self that s, guess what?  In touch with them.  After all, if we are made up of their DNA… there’s a recognition an underlying promise that is governing this life and all lives.

Trust that.  It will inform your life.  And does whether you know it or not.  Do  you want to become more cognizant of the contact you are having?  Then learn to meditate and ask questions then wait for the answers to come   And they will.

I remember when I was still in college.  I had an LSD experience where I went into the heavens and encountered what seemed to be “God”… Maybe it was just my higher self.  But in essence I asked it…a question that I didn’t know I asked but had been wondering about for some time.  What should I do or what shouldn’t I do in life?  Was there something “right” or something “wrong” to do ?  

And the answer came back loud and clear… “it was ALL OK”  in other words forgiveness or whatever you want to call it covered all of it.  There was an immensity to the call-it creator contact I was having that was so all encompassing and massive and yet undeniable and specific.  A knowing beyond anything mundane.  That ‘intelligence’ and sense of love was so complete I’ve never forgotten it.  Anything we do down here.  This is not to say that makes it ok to harm others!  But the essence of all that is will right itself.  Come back into balance regardless of the depth of the injustice on Earth or other planets, between races between all of us.  

Putting aside those who come in with a pathology carried over from a prior life… The human instrument as a vessel for spirit has a certain majesty.  There is an innate sense of right and wrong in all of us.  At least when we arrive.  And what I was being told was not to hold back… but LIVE fully and completely …embrace it all and choose.  Define my own parameters.  And live with the consequences but know we are all allowed to fail.  That LOVE is all and abounds.  This is key.

I have never forgotten that moment. It was a crystal clear communication with something or someone omnipresent and unknowable but loving and wise in unlimited ways.  That’s how I perceived it anyway.

That sense of all knowing forgiveness and allowance never left me.  I have tried to embody that in my life since that time.  

I had a very wise and exceptional acting teacher when I first came to New York in my late twenties.  His name was Robert X. Modica.  He was very talented and had studied under Sanford Meisner the famous teacher from the Stanislavsky method.   One of the key things he taught us came from Meisner and originally from Stanislovsky (the Russian teacher).  He would say, to act as if it was the truth… the truth was everything in this method.  Finding and embodying the truth was the ultimate goal of the teaching.  I took this to heart.

You act in make believe circumstances as if they are real and you are truthful in your response.  It was everything.

This has informed my method of interviewing and my life in general.  Regardless of whether someone is telling the truth I listen.  Intently and then act as if it is the truth…. Questioning them on their same level.. is very effective.  It allows you to suspend judgement and “be there now” as Ram Dass would say, another great teacher.  Being there now is key to unlocking the inconsistencies and possible programming that may be substituting for the truth.

Because truth resonates, you don’t have to worry about getting off track by listening to someone.  Eventually the truth will emerge.  You may be somewhere far away from the moment in which you heard the material but it will come back to you and the truth will resonate.

What do I mean by “resonate”?  It’s a vibration, some would say frequency.  The heart is like a receptive drum.  It “hears” in ways we are still learning to understand.  Suffice to say, the heart hears the truth and beats accordingly… sending out an echo that reverbs throughout the body.  It’s very powerful.

I am concerned that people who are out of touch or think they are may be thinking people who go public and talk about their contact and their knowledge of various races are to be followed.  This would be a mistake.  There is a great effort in our sector, to make oneself out to be someone “special” when it just simply is not the case.

If you wish to listen to others who are using their own filters to relay the nature of their contact experiences to you be careful.  They may be deceived.  And their egos are superseding the real truth.

The truth about contact is more subtle than many will acknowledge.  I know I am in contact however it is in the quiet moments when the information comes through.  It is not about seeing physical beings or going for rides in their “ships” whether they are light ships or physical 3D type craft… This is immaterial literally and of no importance.  What matters is what you ‘know’.  What you recognize in your innermost soul as true.  Go with that.

There is so much deception out there today.  And it will likely get worse as time goes on… With awareness comes responsibility.  Being responsible to not mislead is paramount.  Don’t give too much credit to those who claim conscious knowledge of contact. They have a role to play but it is not all encompassing.  Your own personal relationships are what matter for you.  Give yourself some credit.  Your higher soul will not leave you high and dry.  Your higher soul is in constant contact not only with other races to whom you are related but with the ultimate creator as well.  Know this and simply allow the wisdom that is your heritage to seep through into your personal horizon.


This is a chapter from my upcoming book.


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