I  was on a United flight 935 yesterday flying from London to LAX when midway through the flight we encountered strange and unprecedented turbulence that had people screaming…  Today I hear UNITED grounded flights in the States due to a possible cyber attack or what they are calling an ‘automation issue”??!!!  The “turbulence” we encountered was clearly radically unexpected by the pilots (as was obvious at the time since the plane was rocked and lost altitude suddenly) and so jarring that a lot of the passengers were worried the plane was going down.  After approximately 10 minutes the flight again smoothed out.  

But I even wrote to a friend after landing about how strange that turbulence was.. I fly all the time and the quality of the turbulence rocked the plane and was more like something interferring with the plane than just standard air patterns.



  • Date of Publication: 07.08.15.
  • Time of Publication: 12:43 pm.

…”Following reports this morning that United Airlines had grounded all of its flights worldwide due to a computer problem, and the New York Stock Exchange had also halted all trading due to its own digital problem there were some who wondering mildly if the two were connected in some way. But then the Wall Street Journal web site also went down and the good senator tweeted that the three together had the makings of a major cyberattack.”–Kim Zetter, Wired


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