Blaming False Flags and Hoax’s on the Russians – Cyberwar



You gotta love this.  Read this article and just substitute NSA for the Russian Agency they are calling Internet Research Agency… And you got the tip of the iceberg for the false flags leading all the way to SANDY HOOK AND CHARLIE HEBDO:

The first thing employees did upon arriving at their desks was to switch on an Internet proxy service, which hid their I.P. addresses from the places they posted; those digital addresses can sometimes be used to reveal the real identity of the poster. Savchuk would be given a list of the opinions she was responsible for promulgating that day. Workers received a constant stream of “technical tasks” — point-by-point exegeses of the themes they were to address, all pegged to the latest news….In fact, she was a troll.” — QUOTED FROM ARTICLE LINKED ABOVE

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