UPDATE:  I have now heard from Mike Harris, who has wisely taken down his defammatory article about me.  I appreciate this.  I am now asking him to print a retraction.


It seems my latest article about Jade Helm and other military exercises around the U.S. has struck a big nerve.. with of all things… a person I thought was a friend, Mike Harris.

I am sorry that he has decided that what I wrote, was a personal attack!


Here is the paragraph where I refer to him in my prior article:

“I, Kerry Cassidy, was struck a SCALER WEAPON ATTACK to the right side of my head, causing facial numbness and damaged nerves… which has made it impossible for me to broadcast or to conduct my scheduled interview with Captain Mark Richards.  At the same time, Mike Harris, well known talk show host was perhaps conveniently out of the country following well known physicist, MT Keshe around in Italy, while, Jeff Rense was reportedly in a major auto accident.  At the same time, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today drops two important journalists, Jim Fetzer and Stew Webb from the VT line-up and goes overboard to stress that Jade Helm is a meaningless exercise and nothing to worry about…  WHAT’S GOING ON HERE??”

Why would the above spark such a vindictive and accusatory response from Mike Harris, who has posted his response on Veterans Today? Everyone who knows Camelot will know I was in no way denigrating him or Keshe when I said that Mike may have been (note I use the word “perhaps”) conveniently out of the country during what appears to be an orchestrated attack on several key journalists?  What I was suggesting is that he was being purposely sent out of the way by Veterans Today or some organization (?)  in order to allow Gordon Duff to fire both Webb and Fetzer, to assure that Mike wouldn’t feel propelled to come to their defense or to try to clear up any misunderstandings. Indeed, as it happened, the situation escalated and they, Fetzer and Webb decided to do a broadcast outlining what they felt were the inconsistencies in the behavior of Senior Editor, Gordon Duff along with a few others who came forward to talk about this matter.  

I, in my recent article (see link above) actually defend Duff, pointing out that he is simply doing a job.  

What Mike has done, however, is apparently misread what I wrote, or been prompted by “friends” (as he wrote), to construe what I wrote as being in some way an attack on Mike Harris and Keshe.  On the contrary, up to now I have had the utmost respect for both of them.  I continue to have the utmost respect for Keshe.  The fact that Mike may have been following Keshe around Italy does not mean I thought it was a meaningless exercise.  This should be OBVIOUS considering how much airtime I have given both of them and especially KESHE.  In fact, Project Camelot has gone out of our way to highlight Keshe’s work and advance further understanding in this area.  To say nothing of the time I have given Mike Harris on various radio shows and interviews.

It is extremely shocking and mystifying why Mike would turn on me so publiclly and strangely, without even taking the time to call me and tell me he was upset.  As it happens we spoke just before I wrote the article!

I have never “plagiarized” anything and I must caution Mike Harris and Veterans Today that what he has written about me constitutes DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER and I do not take it lightly.  

For those who need a clear definition:

the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.
“she sued him for defamation” ]  — wikipedia

This isn’t some preschool playground.. you can’t go around calling well known media personalities crazy just because you don’t agree with them!

And to that note, it comes to mind again what we have over this whole Jade Helm operation is an exercise that is evoking the famous saying “methinks he doth protest too much”.  Which leads me, at least, to think that there is, as I stated in the above article, much more going on here than meets the eye.

It is also noteworthy that my article linked above is a roundup of most of the facts about Jade Helm currently available along with direct links.  It is a very well balanced piece that simply suggests several possible underlying motives and targets for the operation.  It does appear that it may only be the tip of the iceberg for what is coming, especially in light of this recent personal attack.



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