WWIII NARROWLY AVERTED!  Simon Parkes: How the British attempted to deceive Putin into a first strike!!   MAJOR NEWS!!   

Special Note: Just a few hours prior to the live broadcast Simon’s computer was destroyed. He went out and bought a new one and was still unable to get online to use skype. We had to resort to old tech.. So I called him on a landline.  Clearly they do not want this information out there! Please distribute widely!  A KERRY CASSIDY EXCLUSIVE!

Originally broadcast live and now available on Youtube. I interviewed Simon Parkes about his latest Newsletter regarding what’s happening right now on the global playing field: PUTIN AND WWIII FAKE OUT, THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET, RECENT ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS ON PUTIN AND OBAMA, CERN and more!  GO HERE TO READ SIMON’S NEWSLETTER:





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