This article by Sorcha Faal (said to be a wholly discredited state organization), is actually right on:

Regarding  911 info, Gordon Duff and others on Veterans Today have been disclosing the overall details about for ages and this blog has also covered it.

See my prior article referencing Sandia Labs and 911.

And go here for Gordon Duff’s latest comment and post from Pravda:

Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11

It would take another government head like Putin to wake the American people out of their slumber with regard to 911.. That is those lost souls who still don’t get that it was an inside job.

Brian Williams is a frame job because there are many not only “false memories” and implanted ones emerging in the population at large but because mainstream new services have been fabricating news for decades.

Regarding ‘false/implanted memories” there is an excellent TV Series that goes into this territory and much more from several years ago that also at least grazes the surface of many important current and past events having to do with a superwave (see Paul LaViolette), electromagnetic storms and changing timelines.  Perhaps the best demonstration on film of the phenomena that has to do with changing dimensions and timelines out there.  Although there have been a few others.

Although it wimps out with a false ‘feel good’ type ending, this TV mini series brings to light the Philadelphia Experiment (and Montauk Project) and the ongoing engagement by the U.S. Navy into time travel time/space technologies still being used and applied today.  This demonstrates how they have taken and applied the technology of the vortex (torsion physics) and created man-made stargates, used wormholes for cross-dimensional and inter dimensional travel.  This directly applies to what happened to FLIGHT MH370 and why it will never be found, at least not in this dimension.  As Mark Richards says, it was TIME SHIFTED.

There are other things that have been time shifted including our base on Mars.  This, from a whistleblower who was traveling in and out of a base in Texas used to transport humans and materials into a 4th Dimensional Mars base.  As this planet enters the 4th dimension and becomes more fully 4th dimensional things hidden in time, are revealed.  Atlantis, and the ruins emerging on Earth and undersea is part of this reveal.

We are entering a time where what’s real in terms of manifestation becomes revealed.  That includes us for we are multi-dimensional beings.  We exist simultaneously in many if not ultimately all dimensions.  This is the true nature of “reality” and our planet is just beginning to reveal what this really means.