ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am in the process of putting together a Project Camelot Virtual TV Channel with live broadcasting around the clock.  In order to do so will need funding as this effort progresses.  My objective is to create an alternative internet based, TV network where the top researchers, whistleblowers and hosts will have a joint platform from which to speak and share their findings with the world.  This will be subscription based with a very low rate to subscribe monthly.  ($2.99/month).  

We will also be selling advertising to like-minded advertisers for the top and bottom of the hours to help fund and make this possible for those who choose not to subscribe. 

If you are interested in seeing the Project Camelot TV – Virtual Network become a reality please donate whatever amount you are able contribute to make this possible.  

We have already attracted some of the very top hosts, authors and whistleblowers from around the world to join us in this exciting new venture.  Most, if not all, are very familiar to the Camelot audience.  We intend to make sure they are paid for their efforts to bring you the truth.  Although many of these hosts already are well known in internet radio, most if not all, never make a dime from their work while broadcasting online. Project Camelot wants to change this.  Everyone needs money in order to live on this planet.  Your contributions will make it oissubke possible to pay our show hosts along with covering the costs of operation including paying a technical staff and web hosting required to make this revolutionary internet TV network a reality.

If you wish your donation to be directed to Project Camelot TV please note this on your paypal receipt, check or money order.

Thank you in advance for making this work possible.

Please go here to donate:

Or send direct paypal donations to:

If you prefer mail:

Project Camelot, 638 Lindero Canyon Road, Suite 277, Oak Park, CA 91377

If you wish to contribute your services, advice, business consulting, venture capital or advertising to this endeavor, please feel free to email me at

Put PROJECT CAMELOT TV – VIRTUAL NETWORK  in the subject line.

Thank you