This video just released by ANONYMOUS details the inconsistences in the investigation of the death of high school sports hero, Kendrick Johnson.

For more details and questions to be asked, see investgative journalist, Robin Postell’s article:

It is significant that Michael Prince currently on trial in the UK, disclosed on my interview with him the PLAN by the illuminati to incite racial violence in the U.S. as their next move.  He was apparently correct for what it’s worth.  The question is, what made him suddenly go ‘off the reservation’ as a secret agent/super soldier and turn violent and threatening to his wife, and others?  Is this payback for disclosing the truth about what ‘they’ were planning?

Go here to view my interview with James Casbolt aka Michael Prince.

Go here to read the disclosures made by James Casbolt, alter of Michael Prince who originally came out as a whistleblower years prior to the above interview:

Go here to read the article in the UK DAILY MAIL about the trial of Michael Prince: