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Last night I saw the documentary CITIZENFOUR which recently received an award for best documentary from the International Documentary Association.  I found a number of interesting and troubling aspects to that documentary including the preoccupation with long camera ‘stares’ at him while he is ‘going through’ the early stages of disclosing information and the short term fall-out as the drama proceeds to build around him.  Yet with all the concentration behind the camera, good questions delving into the actual conent of what Snowden is saying are strikingly absent.  Questions such as what his clearance level really gave him access to as “administrator” when he makes the tantalizing claim that his job gave him access to all information even including levels far above his own classification level!  What did access allow him to do?  Knowing his level of access and his growing questioning as to the invasionary nature of the surveillance the NSA is involved in who watches the watchers?  Or does he know?  These and many other questions come to mind.  Why weren’t they asked either by Laura Poitras or Glenn Greenwald?  Even if all they got back from Snowden was something like, “well I can’t talk about that’… such an admission would still reveal more about what Snowden was really dealing with or the limits of his own knowledge.

Another troubling aspect of the film is the emphasis by Snowden or encryption.  And for this see below to the quote from our whistleblower Jake Simpson which would seem to indicate that encryption is really not much use in the face of a sophisticated artificial intelligence that may even be alien.

I am also reviewing the Snowden limited hangout referenced here in Webster Tarpley’s excellent article:

What I don’t think such articles as this or the recent astute article by Allen Weisbecker, in Veterans Todaytake into account the fact that intel agencies and operations do what I call type-casting, which saves them a lot of time and does not require that the character, in this case, Edward Snowden, even be fully aware of just what their actions are being used for.  In order for their operation to be successful it almost demands that the players have no idea that their actions/intentions are being used for ends that they likely didn’t originally intend.  This seems to be most common.  

In other words, by allowing an individual ‘actor’ or agent to act out their innermost desires when they involve acts of heroism and selflessness on behalf of humanity, it seems the dark side is fond of using players for those very qualities and simply letting them ‘play out’ to paint a picture that can serve those in power best by in most cases limiting the level of scrutiny from the public with regard to the matter at hand.  In this case, the disclosures of Snowden (and volumes of documents) end up as the perfect limited disclosure (limited hangout) thereby safeguarding for possibly years even decades the real span of their worldwide surveillance network of operations.  

In other words, it doesn’t require a knowledgeable operative —in fact actually they prefer it, if a Snowden or Assange are not aware of what they are being used for and thereby end up acting true to character without any “tells” or other problematic crisis of conscience that would accompany full knowledge of what is really going on.

Because none of these individuals or journalists involved (Greenwald, Poitras, and others) have any clue as to the real span and depth to which the octopus as some have called it, extend, they are all essentially duped in key ways that make them ‘useful idiots’ mesmerized by their own egotistical views that they have the ‘real intel’ and see the big picture when in fact they haven’t even grazed the surface.  What this does is provide a useful misdirect and smokescreen behind which the secret government and surveillance apparatus can continue to grow unabated and without restraint in the dark and in secret while operating as it were, in plain sight.

And therefore, I would say, that Snowden may have suspicions about what is happening to him, but he is actively involved in being the hero he appears to be from within the limited perception and understanding that he has as to the actual playing field he is operating in… He can’t see beyond the parameters of his cage because he hasn’t trained himself to see beyond the Matrix, a key skill in being able to understand and take in the much larger arena in which we all operate, whether we are aware of it or not.

And this recent post by the Wikileaks predecessor site Cryptome is also of interest.  This is a very short excerpt from that report:

..”vi) By s. 3(1)(a) of ISA, the functions of GCHQ include the following:

“. . . to monitor or interfere with electromagnetic, acoustic and other emissions and any equipment producing such emissions and to obtain and provide information derived from or related to such emissions or equipment and from encrypted material . . .”

It is clear, as noted by Weisbecker, that the very act of “interception” of communications (emails, internet postings, phone calls etc etc) and then storage of such constitutes the violation at least in the United States, of our Constitution Article 4… but not apparently in the UK… 

And the above ruling contains info about how governments collect data on “others outside their borders” and then feed that data back to the government from whose people the data originated (completing a circle) and thereby allowing them to circumvent the laws (if they have them) against surveilling their “own” people whereas they are allowed to spy on any peoples outside their borders.. As you know such as US can spy on British citizens, collect the data then send it to Britain and Britain can do the same for the US allowing both governments to then obtain any data they wish while appearing to follow the letter of the law.

What seems clear is that Snowden’s disclosures do not reveal the real scope and degree to which the surveillance society has grown to involve such things as an artificially intelligent Nano-Satellite Grid in low Earth orbit currently in place around the planet at the very least over the heads of Americans and most probably the rest of the world. (see disclosures to Anthony Sanchez related to Lockheed Martin whistleblowers re Project Leonid).

And not to be missed in this regard are the disclosures to Project Camelot from whistleblower and military intelligence operative, Jake Simpson, regarding an artificial intelligence …”The AI surveillance system, Jake told us, was literally “out of this world”. It operates hyperdimensionally, based on a highly advanced quantum computing model that is basically our development based on acquired alien technology. This system is so advanced that the ETs themselves are unhappy that we have it.

Not only does it enable access to what any given person is saying, or even thinking – if targeted for investigation – it can also transcend time itself and thereby access information about the thoughts and words of historical figures. “—Project Camelot, summation of the testimony from Jake Simpson, military intelligence operative

The ability to see beyond the matrix, (actually multiple matrixes) is vital as we move into growing realization about nature of the galactic neighborhood of which we are a part.   Lacking key cards in ones deck, such as those involving the ET visitation, multiple timelines, dimensions, densities and interstellar space and time travel aspects of our Reality Hologram results in further delusion rather than clarity.  Unfortunately, the mainstream and even conventional alternative approach fails miserably to adequately explain or assess what is really going on. 


There are many more questions about the Snowden case and disclosures pertaining to the quality of the data he has (4 encrypted laptops worth) and how in going through say security with so-called encrypted laptops that fact alone would not have triggered some kind of at least local surveillance or notice.  Not to mention the following questions that come to mind:

1.  If he stole data (evidence of NSA spying on companies and individuals) what is the nature of that data and how does he know what he has assuming he didn’t have time on a human level to analyze each piece of data… How did he know how to select the particular data he chose to “steal”.

2.  It’s important to recognize that he wouldn’t have actually “stolen” data because in the digital age, deleting data would raise huge flags but in theory copied it… and that then suggests that his clearance level as administrator had to allow for at least that level of access to classified data ABOVE HIS OWN LEVEL…

3.  Does he know the nature of all of the millions of bits of data…which theoretically he must have and how does he comb through it.. in other words how does he know what he actually has and did he know exactly what he was copying and what it contains in terms of content?  Because going through data in itself takes reams of man hours (even when using search engines to say nothing of what an internal search engine would trigger when putting in key words) and so how did he decide what to take and what to leave behind once he started copying data?  How long did it take him and did he have help?  (some of this info is related in a recent book on Snowden by Luke Harding, The Snowden Files… which I am currently reading … more on this later).

4.  If the folowing excerpt is correct and not a hoax regarding wrong info that led Snowden back in August of 2013 to say the “killshot from the sun” ala Ed Dames, was imminent for September of that year… Where was he getting his info and if it came from the data on his 4 laptops what else is there that he is not choosing to reveal?   And why not?

5.  It is said he has evidence of spying on governments and world leaders but what within that body of evidence is he holding back … in order to keep certain of that data close to the chest in order to guarantee that he is kept alive and his loved ones?  Then one has to assume whistleblower style that he would have had to distribute that key insider evidence to colleaques in multiple places and position that data to be released if something should happen to him or his loved ones.  This goes without saying but it does factor in to what does he have and how does he in essence know what he has?  See this link for a list of the top 10 Snowden revelations:

6.  According to the above linked story...”The NSA, however, isn’t able to compromise the encryption algorithms underlying these technologies. Instead, it circumvents or undermines them, forcing companies to install backdoors, hacking into servers and computers, or promoting the use weaker algorithms.”  

However, according to more than one of the Camelot whistleblowers, the AI and technology for cracking code goes way beyond what is conventionally thought of as top secret.  The secret space program uses alien tech which gives them much greater access. (See Mark Richards, Pete Peterson, Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann and Jake Simpson).

7.  An illuminati run organization like the NSA will be heavily orchestrated from the secret government side and therefore it is likely that Snowden was profiled and eventually detected as having a potential to have a crisis of conscience even before he started to reveal that he was having second thoughts about the legitimacy of what he was involved in.

Case in point, no one has mentioned (aside from Snowden himself) that he is epileptic (note:  it appears that his mother was epileptic and that he is not or at least that is what appears to be the case, in other words it was a smokescreen used to get leave from work at the NSA in order to embark on his escape with data out of the country…See Luke Harding’s book The Snowden Files for more on this)  and this should also tell us more about who he is and why he might have done what he did.

Choosing to use the Epileptic excuse may reveal something more particular about who he is and his vulnerability from a psychological angle.  Epileptics will be highly light sensitive (not to mention possibly telepathic) and there could be reason to suppose that he may have been abducted and subjected to various forms of mind control and developed epilesy as a response the MKUltra type tactics used at a young age.  This leads to the idea that in coming from a military family (and being under added scrutiny as a result) and then being given high level jobs not dues to his demonstrated aptitude from scholarship, degrees or training but rather because of his “genius” with technology.  That goes hand in hand with the targeting and preparation by handlers who may have been well aware that he had tendencies to go off the reservation sometime in the future.  They may then have prepared for such a contingency.

Corporations with highly secret (way above top secret) information will develop plans to deal with potential leaks and individuals who they recruited who may at some later date develop consciences and decide to switch sides and decide to serve humanity.  Plans must be made to deal with those types.  This is where one could assume there might be planning around the type of data he would have “stolen” (in reality copied) and what he might then be able to do with it.  It also makes sense that once a person such as Snowden does start to display the ‘rebel gene’ (my name for it) then his employers must, in theory, take certain measures to steer and manipulate him.  The objective being in order to limit the extent of damage (if any) and in essence turn a negative into a positive by first of all getting someone in his midst to move alongside him, befriend him and get him to trust them so they can help steer him down channels where they want him to go.  While this is conjecture, it is simply logical.  Whistleblowers come from the ranks of carefully vetted employees.  With that knowledge planning around the inevitable leaks and using them to advantage is something the secret government and companies involved simply must plan around.

It is documented that Snowden went up against NSA authorities and on other jobs which show his clear and growing distrust of the unauthorized intrusionary nature of surveillance on citizens.

What is clear is that Snowden must have some aces up his sleeve in order to stay alive and keep loved ones safe during his ordeal.  Which gets into what he is trading with the Russians in order to maintain some level of independence from within that “state”.  It is worth mentioning that within the secret government/secret space program (way above top secret) the Russians and the U.S. are working side by side.  This is has been verifed by a number of top Camelot whistleblowers over the past several years.

Where does Snowden in terms of his own awareness of say, AI for example stand?  Because in the movie the unplugging of the room phone and his statement that it can be used as a listening device and tapped into by the “agency” indicates a much deeper level of understanding of not just the mechanics of surveillance in the conventional sense but the liklihood that he knows about the recent AI revelations of Captain Mark Richards who talked about how a car driving by a top military facility can be “infected” by an ET level AI that would then use that car’s computer to jump to any appliance on a base even something as simply mechanically as say a “toaster” and from there go on to infect and spy on the base gaining access to the computers and data hidden away not to mention spying in real time on meetings, discussions and briefings of high level military personal and more.  The possibility for AI infection boggles the mind.

The steady camera focus on Snowden’s face reveals a level of fear beyond the actual circumstances in which he appeared to be operating.  I would say he is revealing a subtext of knowledge that goes far beyond the level he was revealing to the journalists in the room.  And his fear was also based on something much more diabolical than simply facing capture or jail time.

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