This is an interesting article:

It doesn’t quite cover it however.  More to the point is recent WHISTLEBLOWER, Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer, global psychological warfare-counterterrism analyst’s report to his commanding officer following the trail of the money funding ISIS and AL Queda direct to the CIA.

This whistleblower has the proof and documentation to back it up.

The thanks he got was having his report buried and being thrown in prison for 2 years on a false charges.  Just released in February he is mad as hell and now talking.  Support this man!  Buy his book!

He writes…“I, Scott Bennett, have  worn the United States military uniformproudly to defend my family, friends, and neighbors; and my country’s sacred honor and Constitution of liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness….I have fought on your behalf, written whistleblowing reports to Congress to save the lives of my military brethren.  I am a staunch patriot.  I am also a man of deep faith, and fearlessly believe, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”, saith the Lord.

              I am also a sharpshooter , explosives expert, and excellent hand-to-hand combat and knifefighter.”

WARNING:      In the event of my untimely death, additional documents and materials will be immediately released which expose all previously undisclosed persons, networks, operations, and financial accounts relating to illegal foreign and domestic terrorism activities.  All materials have been safely  uploaded to legal counsel.   Congress and Military authorities have been notified of this.”