Keshe Meeting Thwarted

We were set to visit Keshe on September 1st and suddenly (my partner and I) found ourselves very very ill.  Because I don’t believe in coincidences this was exceedingly strange.  We were in Venice and planned to meet him in a nearby city when in the middle of the night I got terriby sick (won’t describe dreadful details)… A couple hours later my partner also became very sick.

We remained very ill all the next day and night.  Right now we are headed to Paris on a flight we couldn’t change because of the high cost and are sorry to say we missed seeing Keshe at this juncture.

Although we are not ruling out food poisoning, the strange timing of this seems too much as if we had been purposely targeted by some viral spray or electronic weapon.  We had a very nice dinner of simply pizza and pasta and felt fine for hours afterward.  

I will do an update with Keshe sometime via skype in the near future regardless.  It appears someone really didn’t want us to connect in person.

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