Halfway into 2014, Americans are still clueless about the greatest depression in the history of the world, even though we’re all in the thick of it. We can thank the Jesuit-owned BigMedia for an excellent job of distracting We The People to the point of apathy and lethargy. Did you know there’re nearly 100 times more regular and reality tv shows today than 10 years back? With all those amusements and diversions, it’s no wonder so few actually understand we’re in the worst predicament in our history.

At the moment, who gives a damn that a dynastic group of men in Rome are destroying the middle class of America? Who cares that unemployment is actually well above 30%, or that home foreclosures are at the highest level in history? Don’t bother reading government statistics, as they’ve always been inaccurate, designed to deceive Americans.

Have you read the Afforable Healthcare Act? First, it’s unconscionable that our own government would force healthcare on us, let alone seek to penalize middle-class Americans. It’s true: the Act states that the “individual” pays the highest penalty if he/she does not comply with the law. The only reason to have such a bill? Crush the middle class. Once a power does so, it creates a two-class system: the rich and the poor. Ironically, the rich are easier to control because they have too much to lose if they don’t comply. The poor? They take that welfare check and do as they’re told.

And the vanquished middle class? There is no longer a voice of America, one that opposes its government and leaders, voices opposition to BigMedia and BigPharma, complains vociferously to members of Congress about America’s poor education system and crumbling infrastructure. With the disappearance of the middle class, America grows silent, complacent and malleable, allowing the Jesuits to accelerate their agenda of creating a global mononation and culling the population down to a “managable” level. 

Yes, they’ve done an excellent job, those Jesuit disinformation agents. These days you can’t tell the good guys from the bad, even in alternative media. I get dozens of emails a month from people castigating me for writing about the Jesuits, screaming on my voicemail about jumping into a bonfire or shooting myself in the head. [Yes, I’m “dumb” enough to have posted my phone number out there for people to voice feedback.] A year ago, when I took a break from this work, those same people were on the same page as I, eager to learn about the Jesuits and their machinations. Now, because of the excellent work of those Jesuit disinformation specialists, many good folk have turned coat and abandoned the fight against the Jesuits.

Very effective, those Jesuit disinformation agents.

But they’ve forgotten what Mother Nature knows all too well: truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again. . . .

For those brave souls interested in learning about the Jesuits, please visit Amazon.com and purchase the updated edition of Who Really Owns Your Gold: How The Jesuits Use Gold Economics To Control Humanity. I changed the subtitle of the third edition to reflect the content more accurately, instead of “The Intended Global Meltdown of 2012-2014.” So few souls believe the world is in turmoil, let alone a meltdown. Nonetheless, this book is an excellent primer for those interested in learning a bit about how the Jesuits took control of America, and now use gold economics to control the planet. I also included 100 references, including books, journal and magazine articles, etc. for those who wish to do their own research. Like I’ve said countless times, if you study America’s history over 200 years, you will discover patterns of actions and behaviors that lead to the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. And if you take further time and effort to study the Jesuits, going back nearly 500 years, you’ll see a distinct pattern of actions and behaviors these demons have exacted upon every country on the planet. Oh, and as for those highly effective Jesuit disinformation agents who have targeted me over the years . . . you guys can’t shoot straight.


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