I will be going up to Northern California to do a SECOND INTERVIEW with CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS  the 2nd week of July and will need funding in order to pay hotel and gas/food costs for me and my cameraman.  If you would like to see this happen please Donate!!

Feel free also to send any lists of questions you would like answered.  Go here to see my 1st interview with Mark Richards who was deeply involved in the Secret Space Progam and led the raid on the Dulce Base.  Please note:  I will be visiting him in Vacaville, Prison and they do not allow journalists to bring in recording devices or cameras….This time, I am told I will be able to bring paper and a pencil…LOL

Note:  I also need additional funds for a new computer and Final Cut X software in order to be able to edit and export videos more efficiently.   I use Macs only.. Finalcutpro software.  

Thanks so much for your support!