Fanning Flames of the Shia & Sunni Schism is Only the Beginning

The recent emergence of the ISIS group.. a U.S. CIA funded (also funded apparently by Turkey, Saudia Arabia and Qatar)… is being used to set the stage for a return of the 12th Imam (aka supposed anti-Christ):  

Seemingly, the problem the U.S. and Israel will have is with Saudi Arabia (a long time ally) being predominantly Sunni and therefore in theory aligned with ISIS who are Sunni’s and advocating Sharia Law.  It is easy to see that the invasion of Iraq and deposing of Saddam Hussein was only the beginning in the plan to destabilize the Middle East.  The provoking of a Shia-Sunni Muslim internal conflict (fanning those flames) is only a preamble to raising a figure to claim himself the 12 Imam.  This will then begin the movement into a one world religion.

For articles outlining key concepts regarding this emerging card displaying a new (but planned) shift in the world war scene see below:

Also see the Seymour Hersch article from 2007 on the build up for all of this:

Additional article:

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