This is a very good article by WashingtonsBlog:

about the backlash to the Snowden revelations on NSA spying and surveillance.  Jim Stone also has a number of things to say on this here:

If true that sales for companies like Cisco and Apple are dropping, as a result of this round the clock intrusion this is good news.  But is it actually affecting the NWO?  A more in-depth analysis would have to be done because in a world of global big business we are really talking about companies who are ‘in on it’ from the beginning.  This is what Bilderberg and meetings like Aspen and Davos are all about.  Smoothing the rough waters between rival behemoths… competing for the lions share of the global market.  Is there really a mass exodus from American companies?  Unlikely.  Unless this is simply part and parcel of an overall U.S. takedown by the NWO Chinese faction who are gradually tipping the scales for rule in their direction.  Like tilting the Game Board. Maybe we should be asking who runs the NSA and what is their ultimate objective? It really depends who’s in charge and what the end game is as to what effect the Snowden disclosures have on the bottom line.  

Although the actions and testimony of Snowden are admirable are they really news?  Certainly not to Camelot and our readers/viewers.  Camelot whistleblower Jake Simpson detailed the level of surveillance (to a much more sophisticated degree than Snowden has seen fit to describe) back several years ago.  Needless to say, our whistleblowers are largely ignored by the mainstream.  But that does not mean they are not years ahead in their disclosures.

In this game of cat and mouse, stating the obvious ala the surveillance society we live in globally is something of a non sequitor.  One wonders where this is really going.  We know they want to monitor everything everywhere.  We know from Jake Simpson they are doing so.  But who benefits from making the known public knowledge?  Is the increase in the average citizen knowing he is watched an increase in control by virtue of stimulating fear?  Or is it market research to see how much farther they can go?  Within 1984 the people spy on each other and as they did in Nazi Germany and no doubt do today in Russia, report in on each other in order for personal gain.  Even the Watchers are watched.  

I recently re-viewed the FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA cult hit, THE CONVERSATION.  It is instructional to see the personal suffering of a previous techie-spy when he experiences the same surveillance and betrayal that he was previously instrumental in administering to others.  Will an effort to make laws to regulate such spying ever really protect the people when those making the laws are intent on knowing more than those they surveil?  It goes without saying in the information age access to information that others don’t have puts you at the head of the class.  Do you really think the Secret government that is Watching the Watchers will really relinquish their AI surveillance edge to those they wish to rule over? 


AI surveillance and access to knowledge

…”The AI surveillance system, Jake told us, was literally “out of this world”. It operates hyperdimensionally, based on a highly advanced quantum computing model that is basically our development based on acquired alien technology. This system is so advanced that the ETs themselves are unhappy that we have it.” — Bill Ryan paraphrasing from testimony by Jake Simpson, Camelot whistleblower in 2008.