50 years  — ARTICLE 2 – BY PALADIN

A few weeks ago, our intel sources reported a meeting taking place in London between the Chinese elders and several bankers and business leaders.  Details are scarce but it appears the bottom line is that the Chinese have put several parties on notice that they will not allow the Fed Reserve charter to be renewed and they will not allow the US dollar to lose value (ie. crash). On some fronts, this is good news, on other fronts, uncertainty reigns.  The new system as proposed by the Chinese will be asset backed and currency in circulation will equal three times a country’s GDP.  Suffice it to say, the Roths and Rocks probably won’t stand by and allow this to occur without a fight. The fiat money system is destined to fail, it’s never a question of if, it’s a question of when.

With the emergence of the BRICS monetary alignment, challenges have been mounted against the US dollar’s reserve currency status which in turn challenges the control of the financial system by the European bloodlines. It’s also no secret the Chinese have been accumulating record numbers of gold.  It remains to be seen whether they can pull this off without WWIII starting as its doubtful the Zionist bankers will go quietly into the night.  Perhaps a deal will be struck and none of this will ever see the light of day. My feeling remains that if arrests, prosecutions and prison sentences aren’t secured against the criminal banksters and their co-conspirators, there won’t be much change, if any.  More information will be available to confirm, deny or report otherwise after the new year. The situation is fluid and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Exposure of more fraud

JP Morgan gets fined $13 billion dollars for fraud involving mortgage backed securities and no one gets arrested or fired (at the top)….so far.  And where does all this money go? Reading the fine print we find out it’s actually $9 billion in cash of which $6 billion goes to investors (what investors?), $2 paid to the Government to settle certain legal claims and $1 billion to New York state. The remaining $4 billion will be applied to assist borrowers with new loans, the refinance of existing loans, paying down mortgage balances and assisting with rate reductions.  So the $4 billion isn’t really cash, it’s just a number the accountants at JP Morgan can use to manipulate the balance sheet, spread the loss out and get a tax deduction in the process.  I wonder how many people who lost their houses and/or marriages over this fraud  won’t be compensated. And what department of the government gets credit for the $2 billion? Does that go to paying down the debt? And why is the settlement $13 billion?  Why not $10 billion or $15 billion?  What was the amount based on?  And why did New York get $1 billion but no other states were included? And WHO are the investors who get the lion’s share of this settlement ($6 billion).

Maybe it doesn’t matter and that’s why the lamestream media doesn’t report any of the details. The message is “We caught them and spanked them so go back to sleep”.  Its reported that JP Morgan set aside (reserved) $23 billion to pay attorney’s fees for the fraud they’ve perpetrated on the public and it appears that it’s not finished for JPM as the state of California wants to get a piece, too. Stay tuned, it’s going to get interesting.


The rising popularity of Bitcoins has gotten the attention of the government as hearings in DC were conducted earlier this week.  The politicians, primed by their bankster benefactors, have been prodded to do something about this emerging financial issue that has the potential to decimate the fiat monetary system.  They want to explore “regulation and control” of this emerging currency.

What they really want to do is destroy it or short of that, severely limit its use so it will die a quick death. The Bitcoin model is the perfect example of what currency is.  It’s simply a medium of exchange.  We’ve all been trained since birth to save, save, save which means put your money in the bank and earn interest.  But what we’re really doing is giving our IOU (debt as in note) to the bank so they can loan it out 9 times and earn more interest on top of the interest they charge us in the way of Federal income taxes to pay the interest on the government’s debt. So while the depositor earns a paltry return on their deposit, the bank earns probably 15 times that in interest charged on loaning out your money.

A system such as Bitcoin or one like it done on a national level, would decimate the cabal’s control of the world’s financial fraud.  Since the fiat system is backed by nothing but hot air in the form of the “full faith and credit of the US government”, if a competing currency emerges that is either asset backed or a simple medium of exchange like Bitcoin, their control would be dust in the wind. Gone. No more debt slavery, no more spiraling out of control interest payments and no more manipulation of financial markets that transfer more of our wealth to the rich

Crisis forgotten

Speaking of the US Government, the budget/debt ceiling crisis that occupied about a month of our time has silently faded away.  No matter that the budget is not resolved nor is the debt ceiling issue. I guess we just switch the crisis mode to off now that our trusted politicians have once again kicked the can down the road.  Once the holidays are over, we’ll flip the crisis mode switch back to on and the fear mongering will start all over again.  So if this is such a crisis, why isn’t it being addressed day and night until it’s solved?  The reason is because we aren’t demanding it. It’s off the radar now so we follow the media’s lead like the good sheep we are and forget about it. The media manipulation is never ending and we follow like cattle to the slaughter house.

More hot air

This brings us to the current, ongoing fiasco, aka the Affordable Care Act.  Despite the Democrat’s best efforts, technology seems to be their downfall as the sign up website is still not functional, at least on a continuous basis.  Obama has admitted…sort of….that he has lied to the American public for 3+ years regarding his promise that “if you like your current plan, you can keep it”.  The next lie to be revealed with be the “if you like your current doctor, you can keep him/her”.  While this whole thing unravels, again, I wonder what it’s going to take for the American people to wake up and take their country back. The incompetence displayed during this “rollout” is beyond comprehension and if they can’t get this part right, expect total disaster when its implemented.  But don’t worry, they (the politicians) won’t be affected by this.  They write and pass laws that everyone but them has to observe and we don’t hold them accountable so why would they change?

It’s easy to be encouraged by all of this as the Republicans are beating their chests saying “We told you so, we told you so”.  But until they start talking about the most serious issues of the ACA, I’m not convinced anything significant will create a push to repeal, replace or improve this mandate for the benefit of the people.  This is shaping up as another kick the can down the road issue…as in past the mid- term elections next November. When the Republicans start talking about the chip, the automatic transfer of funds from bank accounts to pay co-pays, etc. and the home visits by the HHS Gestapo goon squads then maybe we’ll be in a serious discussion. 

And am I the only one who notices there’s no longer a separation of powers between the three branches of Government?  The Executive branch decides to delay the implementation of the employer mandate for a year for the ACA which is, in fact, a change in the law passed by Congress.  Last time I checked the Constitution, the legislative branch is the only one empowered with passing laws. The lines get blurred and the voting public goes along and things continue to worsen.  As long as we allow this with no pushback, why would we expect anything to change for the better.

50 Years

Lastly, the propaganda machine is in high gear regarding the 50th anniversary of the JFK murder which ironically is Friday, the same day of the week as in 1963. The day the ideals established by the founding fathers in 1776 were forever subverted, abolished and buried three days later at Arlington cemetery.  I can still remember the Sunday morning, sitting in our living room with my father and watching Jack Ruby silence Lee Harvey Oswald on live television.  I remember the terrified look on former President Eisenhower’s face two days earlier when he visited the rotunda to pay respects to his slain successor.  I remember the first few speeches LBJ gave and thinking to myself that he didn’t care that our President had just been assassinated, he was too busy already building his legacy.

I remember the Friday night when Air Force One arrived at Andrews Air Force base and Jackie got off the plane, still wearing the pink suit she’d worn during the motorcade….the skirt covered with the bloodstains of our President.  I remember when she leaned down and whispered something to John, Jr. on the day of the funeral which also happened to be his birthday….and immediately he saluted the casket containing the body of the father. That father would never get to see him or his sister, Carolyn, grow up.

I remember the letdown 10 months later when the Warren Commission findings were made public.  It was similar to when we all huddled in front of our TVs to hear the verdict in the OJ Simpson murder trial.  I remember in the following years, all the investigations and research that occurred when people finally waded through all 27 volumes of the Warren Commission report. These volumes essentially made a better case for conspiracy than it did support the lone gunman theory.  I remember the “Rockefeller Commission” (officially the US President’s Commission on CIA activities within the US) which revealed the CIA’s program on mind control, MKUltra and other experiments conducted on US citizens. Included in its investigation was a review of the Zapruder film and the presence of E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  This spawned the Church Committee which was charged with investigating the domestic activities of the CIA, NSA and FBI. Sound familiar?

The Church Committee findings were the first public acknowledgement of the CIA’s campaigns to assassinate foreign leaders and subvert foreign governments.   Among the names of foreign leaders targeted for assassination were Patrice Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, the Diem brothers of Vietnam and Gen. René Schneider of Chile and of course Castro. And finally, the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) created to study, investigate and research the JFK and MLK assassinations.  The Committee concluded that both assassinations “were the result of a conspiracy”.

The US was still reeling from the Watergate affair and even though these investigations revealed major corruption, lawlessness and a complete disregard for every American ideal….nothing happened.  Looking back, this may have been the closest we’ll ever come to learning the facts.  An opportunity lost that perhaps can never be regained as witnesses who could reveal the truth do not live forever.

I remember in 1991 when Oliver Stone’s movie JFK was released and finally something resembling the truth was finally made public.  I was hopeful then that the ensuing pressure to release documents would result in the perpetrators being brought to justice.  The release of documents has been painstakingly slow and the review of these documents has taken quite a bit of time. Even though some are still held back and the ones released are heavily redacted, in the hundreds of thousands of pages, more and more evidence is revealed which points to a conspiracy between rogue elements of the CIA, the military, the Mafia and the cabal/bankster elites.  For those not around in 1963 or at least not old enough to be affected by the coup d etat in Dallas, the only thing that’s happened since then that could compare to it in both shock value and drastic changes is 911. No doubt both were done by the same group of criminals.

Let’s not forget careers are made by subverting the truth to aid and abet the cabal. Two cases in point are Gerald Ford and Arlen Specter.  Ford was a member of the Warren Commission and J. Edgar Hoover’s spy.  Ford admittedly moved JFK’s back wound up at least 6 inches so that the “magic bullet theory” would work.  And who authored the magic bullet theory?  Arlen Specter, of course, who at the time was a Warren Commission lawyer.  Like any attorney, he had to be an advocate for his client, the US government, in the cover-up of their culpability in the whole affair.  Ford went on to become the first US President not elected by the people and Specter went on to become another DC political hack feeding at the public hog trough for 30 years. Specter was first a Democrat, then Republican and then finally a Democrat again before leaving office when he lost a primary.  Like the Mafia, you’ve got to “make your bones” before you get promoted. 

So after the long history of public disclosures which virtually render the Warren Commission to be a complete sham and cover up of major proportions, now seeing the current propaganda recreate it all as if it’s been confirmed and verified seven ways to Sunday is….disheartening….to say the least. I know the history books that our children read in school will inform them that Oswald killed JFK all by himself, end of story. And so at some point, the knowledge of the dastardly deed committed by the cabal on November 22, 1963 will be committed to the dustbin of history as the generations pass and fewer people are around that remember the day 50 years ago when our liberty died along with our 35th President.

Part of my issue is the complete sell out by the mainstream media who continue to insult our intelligence by feeding us propaganda straight from the cabal and we’re just supposed to accept it willingly.  I’ve looked forward to this anniversary because I kept telling myself over the years that “by then, we’ll know and things will be different”. 

Sadly, I am wrong and for that I search my soul wondering if years ago, when it was fresher, I could’ve done something to make a difference.  JFK had his faults and the cabal has used all its PR assets to reveal them over the years to provide pushback against any growing interest in pursuing justice.  But if you listen to his speeches and research his decisions, you can easily discern that he is the only President in recent history and maybe ever who put the ideals of freedom and peace and equality before greed, power and control. 

On November 22, 1963, a great President was murdered and this Friday I will grieve for him, not because of his death, but because it appears he will have died for nothing.



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