A Brief Introduction to The Society of Jesus

There’re two ways to prove a conspiracy: 

1. The conspirators come forward and admit their deeds.

2. Some brave soul does extensive research, connecting the dots of circumstantial evidence, analyzes the results, then makes some sense of it all and shares it with the worldwide public.

This is what I do. . . .

I’ve been to 100 different countries over the decades, seen and interacted with We The People, and documented the activities of the so-called governments that control them. In each country, I’ve noticed three disturbing types of people there: American CIA operatives . . . Israeli Mossad operatives . . . Chinese “engineers” (operatives). It’s no coincidence, either. These three entities are the frontmen/assassins for the humans who control this planet: the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits. And they do it very effectively.

In this weekly blog, I will discuss how the Jesuits are running We The People into the ground. Very few if any other so-called “conspiracy theorists” mention the Jesuits. It’s taboo. Since many readers of Project Camelot are not familiar with The Society of Jesus and their machinations, I will start from the beginning and work my way to the present. 

Further details about the history and current behaviors of this entity can be found in one of my latest books, Who Really Owns Your Gold: The Intended Global Meltdown of 2012-2014. The book can be ordered directly from Adagio Press: adagiopress.com

Most of those brave souls who have written about the Jesuits are dead. Those in world politics who have genuinely opposed the Jesuits are dead. The Jesuits make a habit of murdering or assassinating those who oppose them, at least those who build a significant following that prove a threat to the Jesuits.

I’m not concerned about death or dying or being kidnapped and ripped apart by the Jesuits and their minions. Seen enough of this noise to know it very well. This is not to say I’m not human. I am. And I’m afraid of everything. My chemistry makes me anxious. Here’s the twist: I’ve never been afraid to DO stuff, to engage and merge, especially with danger. It is my duty to study and report on The Society of Jesus.

More on the Jesuits:

The public face of the Jesuits are the super-wealthy and super-powerful: House of Rothschild, the Vatican, George Soros, Hollywood, Big Media, BigPharma, and many other visible people and companies and groups.

Why BigMedia, for example?

In the 1880s, the Jesuits bought all major media in the world, consolidated it under a few popular outlets (AP, UPI, Reuters, NBC, etc) and began a highly successful campaign of control over We The People. 

Not convinced? If you research all the books about the Jesuits, you’ll see a striking fact: virtually no accurate books by true opposition exist after the year 1890. The Jesuits suppressed all previous books and articles and monographs about them. We’re lucky to find some of those books in various underground sources. I list some of the titles in the 10-page reference section of Who Really Owns Your Gold.

When I say the Jesuits are highly successful in their machinations, I mean just that. They’ve been absolutely brilliant in their application of methods since their inception in the mid-1500s, when they began spreading over the entire planet. And they were given those marching orders from remnants of the Knights Templar. Before the Knights were an entity in Egypt.

Long fascinating nonfiction story, I promise you.

Hundreds of people demand that I share the facts. How do I know what I know?

I use circumstantial evidence: extensive book research, my own and others’ first-hand eyewitness accounts during travels, interviews with whistleblowers and insiders. I am careful not to be duped by the Jesuits’ operatives who appear to oppose their masters but are actually working on their behalf. These I call “false opposition,” those who purport to be opposing the Jesuits but who are, in fact, minions of this Society. We see false opposition all over.

More on these topics soon. . . .

Any questions? Please leave comments here on the blog. I check them weekly.

Who Really Owns Your Gold: The Intended Global Meltdown of 2012-2014

Order directly from Adagio Press:


–William Dean Garner




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