The oceanic iron cloud spreads for more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) across the Atlantic from west of Angola, Africa, to northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The iron-rich waters flow 1,500 to 3,500 meters (4,921 – 11,482 feet) beneath the surface of the ocean. The complete extent and shape of the iron plume remains to be discovered. “We had never seen anything like it,” said Mak Saito, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute scientist and lead author of the study, in a press release. “

According to Paul (the Unwanted Publicity Guy) there is a link between Snowden going to Russia and what is going on undersea in the Atlantic Ridge:

He writes:

The arena of intense C.I.A. activity, for several years now, which Snowden was pointed in the direction-of surrounds this specific region of shipping lane traffic requiring ever-fluctuating special navigation coordonation network support, and I suspect it has something to do with the Earth’s inner magnetic pole shift that began mimmicking our Sun’s – once every 24-year pole flip cycle – but there is more to this than meets the public eye that neither the U.S., Russia, Germany or Vatican governments are saying anything about.


It is solely my personal belief that Snowden intercepted that missing link of data surrounding the aforementioned, which sent him to Russia- and China was Snowden’s ‘first stop’ to introduce that ‘highly specific data’ regarding the magnetic pole shift because its huge damn was mentioned as being one ( 1 ) element although not total causal thereto. Think for a moment, “What if Russia and China had teamed to have that incredibly huge dam in China built as a means to ‘kick-start Earth’s magnetic pole shift so that ‘true North’ would shift in the direction of Siberia – but even more-so ‘beyond Siberia’ so climate would cpnsequently shift milder seasons away-from America pushing such toward Russia and China.”

I’ve been tracking this shipping lane traffic business going on with Germany and Switzerland business interest meetings at conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia since 2002 just before I landed in Eastern Europe. I still have my files on this and all the players involved so, I knew enough to have been able to put together ‘why’ Snowden eventually landed in Russia.

Russia orchestrated the media circus through Der Spiegel with a cooperative Germany government just after Germany demanded the U.S. provide it with an accounting of all Germany gold assets, and when the U.S. told Germany it would get its “audit in 20-years” the Western honeymoon was kapu. Russia, having revealed to Germany what the U.S. did with its gold, sparked new cooperation serving to shape ‘new world understandings of America’ so, Snowden appeared from that new horizon based on his WhistleBlower cover story the CIA painted for him as their new breed secret, but one that would never appear to amount to a hill of beans in the public eye. I mean, afterall, everyone in theworld-public knows the Snowden story. Right?” <wink> As only but a fewknow better, all that glitter is not necessarily ‘real gold’.

Absolutely, a New Technology Cold War rages!–Paul (Unwanted Publicity guy — To support him or contact him directly write to: