PROJECT CAMELOT needs donations to continue our work.

Recently, our webmaster Tommy Hansen’s computer stopped working and must be replaced.  He also needs a plane ticket from Norway back to the states where he prefers to live and work.  To donate directly to Tommy send money to:

In addition, I am flying over to London to speak at the Truth Juice Festival (where they cannot cover my flight costs) and would appreciate donations to cover this.  I have extremely limited funds to continue this work at this time.  If you are a supporter of Project Camelot please consider making a donation.

While in Europe, I have an invitation to go to Prague and Brittany where I can do speaking events as well.  If anyone would like to have me speak in those areas or any other European city and can cover travel and hotel please contact me:

Lastly, any whistleblowers or people who wish to get their stories out and reside in the UK, Prague or Brittany please do contact me to schedule interviews.


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Thank you.