On last Friday’s radio show I talked with Neil Anthony Sanford, a fully awake and aware musician getting the truth out through music that transports the listener to the 5th dimension and beyond.


United Kingdom


Earth Leakage Trip ‘ELT’ (Neil Sanford & Tony Lobue) are the original pioneers of Hardcore and Techno appearing on the debut release of award-winning Moving Shadow Records (back in 1992), Rising High and also appearing on Orbital’s ‘Back To Mine’ Collection as well as numerous releases on LTJ Bukem’s ‘Cookin’ Records’ imprint spanning a four-year period.

ELT has a new release out now on NexGen Music, a 4-track EP featuring Dreddmarc on vocal on the popular single entitled, “Time for Disclosure”.   This EP has influences from ‘dubstep’ and electronica with evocative cinematic overlay.
Additionally, ELT Sessions has a new album due out in a few weeks… This is groundbreaking new music, that really pushes boundaries in all genres and takes the listener into orbit.
ELT Sessions (a series of live jams) features Neil on drums, keyboard and horn and Tony on guitar, with Pete Corbalan on bass and Adam Fras on various instruments.
Re:  ELT Sessions

“Each week a group of us get together for a jam. We improvise our performances, record all events, then listening back we discover our favorite sections.

The main purpose for our jamming has always been for pleasure, each of us do what we feel, and experiment as we go. The music has its own language that we communicate with to steer the arrangements. The more we tune in to this language the better our performance and the more connected to the higher source we feel. At the end of a good session we talk about how it felt and where it took us, more than what we actually did.”–Neil Anthony Sanford

To contact Neil or listen to more of his music go to:  

Neil Anthony Sanford

Earth Leakage Trip



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ELT Authorised FINAL



If you are a musician with a message and want to be involved with getting the truth out to the people feel free to contact me at [email protected]



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