This is a very good article about how the mainstream co-opts movements using the bought-off press and creates a distorted image of what is really going on.  The objective from the PTB side is to make alternative and rebellion look like just another commercial option when in reality there is something happening that is much more significant globally.


This gets into the latest offer of asylum from Venezuela and Bolivia to Snowden… Countries basically going in the face of the NWO and saying no… it stops here at our border. 


You can bet that what is going on is not only in music, black projects secret space rebels and white hats, but also in the political sector and health and more… In other words, as the NWO consolidates and MARDUK steps up to take control the people are rising around the globe.


The BIGGEST SECRET is your rebellion!  JUST SAY NO to the NWO and see through the facade of fake media “coverage” of events and false flags etc.


There should NEVER be a news article from a mainstream press that you don’t ask yourself WHAT IS THE ANGLE?  QUI BONO?  Who benefits from this article and perspective being pushed?  Because THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING that is not in their own BEST INTEREST.  Service-to-self… get it?  So question every news story and every piece of mainstream (and alternative by the way) mass media effort and double check who’s in charge of that perspective and what are they really saying.


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This article is picking up on my public statements relating to the Super Soldier statement by Michael Prince regarding the return of the heads of the Anunnaki and Tanzania… Then the synchronicity of having 3 Presidents visiting Africa in the past week.  


Added note on this… One of my sources tells me last night 4 Trillion dollars was transfered by the top 4 Banks to Iraq… in theory to fund the reval of the dinar.  Whether that piece of intel is accurate is unclear at this time.  That source is well versed in the banking sector and is watching the “screens” and should know whereof they speak.  However, I am checking with other sources to get some verification of what is really going down.  Suffice to say that you cannot have US presidents visiting Africa and then an huge transfer of money without linking the two and seeing that there is some connection.


For more info surrounding the return of Marduk and the Bohemian Grove ritual worship ceremony of same, and other background info see early writings by the alter to Michael Prince (James Casbolt) and research Marduk, Enki, Enlil and Anu…. Also see latest SUPERMAN movie for undeniable depiction of this scenario played out on screen… 








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