As mentioned, I will be in the UK covering the Bilderberg Meeting in Watford then speaking in London at a venue TBD.

Please if you can support this trip by DONATING or have contacts with direct access to any Bilderberg attendees that might want to do a Camelot interview contact me right away at [email protected]

In addition, if you are a whistleblower in the UK and want to get your story out please let me know.

I will going to PARIS from June 12th to 16th…. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE A VENUE or contacts with a venue where I can speak there.

SPECIAL thanks to everyone who has donated so far.  This is a start but will not cover my expenses.  The flight costs $1900 approx and although I will stay with friends part of the time the rest is out of pocket for me.

Any film crews that want to volunteer to film or help with interviews please contact me and anyone who can LIVE STREAM my speaking event please also contact me.  

Stay tuned for London Venue announcement.  Date I will be speaking is probably June 9th.. this coming SUNDAY!


If you have appreciated my latest releases (all free) please consider sending even $5 to assist this endeavor.



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