I just arrived last night in Washington DC.  I am here to attend the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure.

Go here for more details on this:  www.citizenhearing.org/

This hearing will be BROADCAST LIVE… 

Note: the full Citizen Hearing will be Webcast live on the Internet. Subscribe here.

It is very early morning here on Monday… Last night we had a meet and greet dinner with the witnesses and former members of Congress.  The witnesses are comprised of both ex-military and long time researchers who will be testifying for the next 4 days here in Washington, at the Washington DC Press Club .  We are just a few short blocks from Congress and the White House.

This is my first time in Washington DC.  It’s a very attractive city, stately and  dramatic.  The old bastion of Eastern wealth and establishment.  Lots of brick and morter.  Rigid and unyielding.  I wonder if the Halls of justice will be impacted at all by this historical hearing disclosing the fact that humans are not alone on this planet or in the Universes.. that we have never been alone and that this government, the secret side of it, had best acknowledge this reality to the people so that humanity can move into the next millenium with more conscious awarenees about who we are and where we are going.

We the people, are aware of the presence of visitors, ETs, interdimensionals, etc as well as those beings who have possibly been here as long as we have and some, even longer.   This Hearing is really about acknowledging the reality of the ET presence.  Letting the government know that we know, that they know… And that we also know that they have dealing with and agreements with these beings, that involve the future of Planet Earth and Humanity and that we should have a say in this.

Will the members of Congress be aware of this Hearing going on just down the street from where they conduct the business of state on a daily basis?  Will any of them have any interest in sitting in to hear the testimony of these various distinguished witnesses?  Are they in mass, (that is, Congress) largely unaware of the ET presence?  Are they at all aware of the exo-political reality?  That the government they think they work for is not really the government that is running things?  That this playing field they are dealing in is far greater than the simply the circumference of this lovely globe we call Earth?

Certainly, there should be some regard given to the Former Members of Congress who have chosen to sit in on this hearing.  That much should give them pause.

And what of the President?  Surely he is very aware of the presence of the so-called visitors and knows very well that real power is well out of his hands in spite of the pomp and circumstance surrounding his office.  He may regard this Hearing with some interest, if only, because the ramifications, should it seize the imagination or Zietgist of the people around the world, could well impact his own future.

Needless to say, this Hearing will be endeavoring to steer clear of the Secret Space Program, the Underground cities, the off-planet bases and the real implications of the “CRAFT”, (the UFOs) they will no doubt, make an excellent case for…  Steven Bassett stated this quite clearly in my recent interview with him just prior to this weeks event.  I encourage you to listen to what he had to say about the limitations and focus for the Hearing.  Here is the archive of that conversation:


Whistleblower Radio
Episode: whistleblower_radio_007, 4/25/2013 12:00:00 AM
Summary: Stephen Bassett, Disclosure at the National Press Club



However, it is the implication of the reality of UFOs in our skies that is what really matters.  And just how far you want to take that.  Are they “ours” or are they “theirs” is the first question one might ask.  And the answer to that question is what opens Pandora’s box.  But open it must and in reality, it already has.  

The only real question is how much longer the surface governments on Planet Earth, especially the U.S. surface government, will continue to pretend as though, they are living in closed system that they control.  Which most of us, who are aware, know is, a most ludicious and insidious lie.

The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure is the first “hearing” to have been held here in Washington where the people take into their own hands, the right to disclose the truth about the ET presence.  Where we go from here is up to all of us.  No doubt the “visitors” will be listening.





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