Clark McClelland’s Health and NASA coverups…


I heard from Clark McClelland today and he has just come out of the hospital.  He is in a great deal of pain and I am taking this opportunity to put the word out for any healers out there to send him love and light!  Please contact him if you would like to offer your healing services as well.

His email is:  Clark McClelland

He will be appearing on my radio show on May 17th however, I will be possibly rescheduling this to have him on sooner.  He is well aware that he is being targeted and they may try to take him out.



As a synchronicity I am in touch with a source inside NASA and they sent me the following link.  Whereas, it is old info and many may have seen it.. some may not and it is well worth a read:

 I am getting more background on this and other related incidents… the fact is, the astronauts encountered UFOs on the moon and much more.

And as Henry Deacon said a long time ago… Yes, they went to the moon, but they had “help”.

Kerry Cassidy

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