THIS IS CRUCIAL INFORMATION ABOUT NORTH KOREAN BOMBS BURIED UNDERGROUND WHICH CAN TRIGGER EARTHQUAKES AROUND THE WORLD THROUGH MAGMA.  This information is contained in this section of the group of David Wynn Miller presentation videos available on Youtube.  This is #11 of 25.  

TONIGHT :  I will be discussing this and much more with DAVID WYNN MILLER on American Freedom Radio at 7pm PST.


Some claims made in these videos…

1.  North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb and caused 9+ Chilean Earthquake and the one in Christ Church, as well as the Japanese tsunami that resulted in Fukushima which is still not under control and pouring radiation into the sea.

2.  North Korea has now buried a hydrogen bomb in a fissure in the crust of the Earth… Which if triggered using a ‘shape charge’ going through the magma… it would send a wave along the 43rd parallel… San Francisco & London would be affected in a dire way…and more… Blackmail leverage anyone?  Let’s hope mutally assured destruction is a deterrant.

3.  ET base in Greenland has been here for 50,000 years and that base is still operational.  They are the Easter Island Giants…   

4.  Quantum Grammar – this is changing contract law around the world and will have serious ramifications on Wall Street and the financial system worldwide.

“Mathematics become relevant because of ET, as well as Earth’s own ability to communicate peacefully.”– David Wynn Miller



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