SPECIAL NOTE:  Tommy Hansen (our webmaster) is moving on to pursue other opportunities at this time.  He will be available to consult for anyone new coming on board.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his over 3 years of dedication and service to Humanity and to Camelot.

You can reach Tommy at this email address for now:  tommy@projectcamelotportal.com


Job Description:


Details and needed skills for a new web master:

Server side skills: – Experienced Unix administrator – Experienced mySQL operator – Minimum novice webmin administrator (or can alternately manage through unix command shell) – Apache2 – BIND DNS management – Debugging skills (as it might be needed) – IP Tables / firewall Web and Joomla skills: – Experienced Joomla 2.5 manager and developer – PHP, mySQL, Ajax, javascript and html skills – Debugging and abilities to expand existing scripts, modules and components and debug if needed. – Ability to perform live video streams and enforce pay per view when needed – Photoshop (or other software) skills and ability to design and customize using CSS If other things come to mind I will let you know, but you would need someone who can do at least 90% of the above to be able to continue development and have a dependable manager. Fyi: The job description is actually Web and IT

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INTERESTED PARTIES CONTACT:  kerry@projectcamelot.tv