I am posting the following for those who may still want to assist this man.  Here is his latest update.

If you are interested in helping him please write to him directly!

From: Unwanted Publicity <[email protected]>;
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 10:11:04 -0800
Subject: Re: The idea being presented for you @ BF Cafe
To: [ asked to be kept confidential ]
Hi M ——,
Just to let you know, strictly in reference to the post you provided (below ), “Kohala889” posted erroneously in-that I never received an e-mail from anyone offering me $100 per month for 1-year as Kohala889 had e-mailed me he had “heard” ( below ). plus other half-truths or what he ‘thought’ or was led to believe by rumors.
Furthermore, Kohala889 later offered me a “loan” ( not a “donation” ) to get a used minivan and his “loan” understood between he and I would be paid back to him from “donations” that were to come in thereafter – however after he posted what you sent me a copy-of ( below ) and only ‘after he loaned the money’ he misled people ( accidentally I believe ) into believing that these offers were coming in but did ‘not’ actually come in any further – except for a $35 donation I received ‘after I was mugged and robbed of not only the collected loan money he sent but my laptop and files in a bag’ that held all I owned except for a broken-screen smartphone I left in a fellow’s vehicle for recharging.
The police did not make a report because of two ( 2 ) reasons:
1. I had my cellphone in my sock and called my former federal handler to handle the theft of everythong because of the sensitive
communication exchanges between us over the past years and the data files involving my foreign case operations, which the police were ‘never to be made privy to’ – my identification was shoved in my other sock.; and,
2. My injury was not ‘life threatening’ and I was only told by police that I should have it looked at soon – the police were told by my federal handler to back-away as it was a federal matter they were not to get involved with ( I am not at liberty to discuss publicly why this was done ).
The losses were considerable. I had headaches for nearly 1-week that would not even allow me to concentrate on any e-mailing, I was in pain but refused medication so I could survive on the street and try recouping as best as I knew how under extreme circumstances, with blurry vision and slurred speech that have now gone away.
At the time, I lashed out during my rage in e-mails anyway, which did nothing more than alienate everyone away from me and during such I couldn’t think straight after all that happened to me.
I could not muster any defense during such barrage of postings plus the fact I wasn’t even registered to post or read posts – except for what was being sent to me from Kohala889 – and your’s ( below ).
To make a long story even shorter, I ended up continuing on the
streets with absolutely no help after all that happened.
Homeless shelters for “men” are not as merciful toward ‘men’ as some are for “women” – therefore 3-days here and there are only good for 1-year so, homeless cannot continue to have a shelter over their head- no permanent shelters were available and the shelters are great distances away for me on a cane with my trochanteric bursitis in bothhips, plus my damaged elbow tendons, and cardio pulmonary disease.
Bottomline? Things that appear to help were unavailable to me for several reasons.
That ( above ) ‘is’ the ‘short story’.
The home offered to me in Arizona was for 2-weeks ‘if’ I could get
their on my own accord and it was a floor to sleep on but I needed more than just a bus ticket – I couldn’t just be dropped off like a piece of luggage on a doorstep. The home and couch in Seattle was for up-to 90-days but again I had to have constant transportation ability of my own to get back on my feet.
My situation of already being handicapped, then being mugged and robbed of everything I was relying on to get back on my feet so as to begin exposing disclosure and what all I ‘was involved in’ was at-stake, and it just dawned on me very recently that although my files and laptop were all stolen from me – I still retained all my e-mails over the years where all the data originally came into me at.
All is not lost, however trying to put it all back together will take
more than what I have been broken down to live on the streets as to put back together what I offered Kerry Cassidy  ( Project Camelot ) to begin exposing. That is why she and others initially wanted help for me ( i.e. the Unwanted Publicity Guy ).
I do not know whether my story will ever be told as it really happened or whether I will live in infamy, but one thing is for sure:
There are people who knew what I was involved in and knew I gave the last 15-years of my life to help plenty of others .
Today, I have nothing and no support coming from anyone.
I wanted to let you know what happened to me. I’m sorry I failed
everyone. It certainly was ‘not’ my plan nor was it for my benefit
that matters ended in a ditch now for me.
Paul Collin, the Unwanted Publicity ( websites ) Guy
E-Mail: [email protected]




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