Paul La Violette has adjusted his view of the potential for a possible Galactic Superwave to incorporate additional information.  See the following recent blog post:

In this post he states that scientists have been tracking a dense cloud of gas heading for the Galactic Center with the closest approach expected to occur around the beginning of July 2013.  When I ran into Paul at a recent event in Pennsylvania where we were both invited to participate in a gathering of scientists and ufo/consciousness investigators, he mentioned this new information to me.  In response, I talked about the recent Project Camelot Roundtable discussions with Courtney Brown.  And mentioned his Farsight Institute remote viewing of 2013 and some of their findings.  

Since then, Paul has gotten in contact with Courtney and reviewed the results of the 2013 viewing in detail.  He has now posted an update (linked above) stating that this information may alter his view of when a Galactic Superwave may be expected to reach our solar system.

Paul writes: Recently we reported the story that scientists have been tracking a dense cloud of gas heading for the Galactic Center with its closest approach to the GC being expected to occur around the beginning of July 2013.  See the G2 cloud story below on this superwave forum.  But those conclusions may need radical revision.  Just last week my attention was called to a disturbing report put out by the Farsight Institute, an organization that conducts remote viewing experiments.

….remote viewing data appears to suggest that a superwave-like event will strike prior to June 1st 2013, hence some time between the last month of 2012 and the first five months of 2013.  These findings become particularly ominous given that astronomers know that a large gas cloud with a possible hidden dwarf star is making its way toward Galactic center perigee by July 2013.”

With the foregoing in mind… Paul La Violette advises…

…”Consult your own intuition.  The Starburst Foundation which hosts this forum doesn’t necessarily endorse this future view conclusion.  But we feel that we should at least inform the public about this finding and its possible indication of an impending superwave arrival.” — Paul La Violette

Link to article:

Possible Arrival of a Galactic Superwave within the Coming Months

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