I received an email containing thoughts and comments on Marshall’s book, “Allies of Humanity”.  I thought many others might be interested in my reply…

As you may know I interviewed Marshall a while back.  Here is the link in case you or those reading this haven’t seen it and are interested:


In that interview you will hear me question him about many of his conclusions.  Frankly, I am convinced there is no Quarantine around Earth (if there ever was one) and the Draconians and Repitilians are still here.  Evidence of the lack of a quarantine is plentiful as is evidence of the Draconian/Reptilian presence and substantial whistleblower testimony to this fact exists as well.

The infiltration and intervention here on Earth by service-to-self beings is widely documented and obvious in the bloodlines and behaviors of their “boots on the ground” humans as well as their own inter dimensional interactions with our dimension on a regular basis.

In my view you are completely misled if you are unaware of this.

Marshall has a somewhat old fashioned picture of humanity and our capabilities and level of development.  His material is based on regaining our sovereignty when that sovereignty was long lost. (Although he is correct that regaining sovereginty is highly desirable if not vital). As a simple example the Grey-Human Hybrid program has been wildly successful and the poisoning of our atmosphere is just one example of how those in power are working to terraform our planet to make it more comfortable for Reptilian based hybrids who favor a more methane-like/radiation infused atmosphere to thrive.

Creating a “cooperation” with the infiltration of Greys whose agenda is takeover based and has nothing to do with the survival of the core of various human bloodlines, is therefore absurd.  Even George Lobuono, who I have also interviewed is aware of this.

Your information is clearly based on false data coming from the Channeling Matrix.  This is not accurate data and I do not view the intervention as simply “too powerful,” on the contrary.  

There is also clear evidence that at least within the U.S. Secret Space Program there is a large contingent who are now redirecting (and attempting to rectify) their wrongful collusion with the Greys, Reptilians and other service-to-self races and to take the technology gained to extricate Earth from the hold of these various groups.  How successful we will be in removing the strangle-hold around Planet Earth remains to be seen.  

Lastly the added complication of an AI based nanotech race of robots may ultimately be another impending and very real adversary here on Planet Earth that the military industrial complex has already partially created and also been infiltrated by… leading to what is known in some circles as Metatron.  This has to do with parallel Earth and an agenda that is heavily mixed into the robotic super soldier contingent.  It also is a key to what the real struggle is all about which is between “hive mind” and AI versus the angelic human (soul development/natural return to source/self-realization path).  This is what is really going on in the war between the various races… And once you know this the exo-political landscape becomes much more understandable.

Lastly the Anunnaki and return of Horus is a very real additional scenario to what we are dealing with.  Yes, there are Anunnaki here and ‘walking the halls of the pentagon’ but beyond that within the Anunnaki Horus is seen as emphasizing the more “Enlil” side of the equation (totalitarian rule) and his return is something apparently eagerly awaited by those consciously bent on New World Order…  Bush included.  There is some evidence that he might have already arrived in fact.  Dealing with the Anunnaki is something we will ultimately need to come to terms with and if we manage to regain our hold on Earth, negotiate a settlement with in my view.  Their agenda is not an invasion scenario (unlike the Greys and Reptilians) but a power over/control agenda.  

Needless to say, this is a vast conspiracy we are involved in.  One that did not originate with Earth and won’t end here either regardless of whether we (this version of the human race) survives.


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