This morning I was talking with a very old friend of mine. she is a trans Atlantic flight attendent and has flown the NYC to Germany flights for 23 years. She told me today one hour out of Nova Scotia to the Ferro islands south of Iceland and Greenland, for the Past 6 weeks the airplanes are hitting 2 solid hours of flight Severe turbulence at all altitudes.  Glasses in the galley breaking, overhead bins opening, passengers not belted into seat get bounced to the floor, passengers are freaking out. She sits in the flight attendant seat that looks down the aircraft aisle can see the aircraft body twisting and bending.
Never seen this kind of turbulence in all her 23 years of flying this route.
this area over mid North Atlantic is about where the gulf stream used to be. :whistle:
very interesting intel.
I told her good thing you’re in Atlantic and not Pacific you would get much more than just turbulence LOL
Link to the post on the Camelot Forum: (the above is spell-checked)

If anyone has more info in this regard please contact me:  [email protected]

This sounds like a new portal or force field… 



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