Yeah, I know, it gets tiresome.  But the background behind the Libyan situation and more… placed at the door of Israel and specifically Netanyahu by Gordon Duff in this article released today… outlines a history of terror and some of its roots.


From what I hear Gordon Duff was set to go live and be interviewed on Press TV.  Yes, I have asked him.  So far, he has politely declined my offer 🙂

The real question as always is ‘who’s in charge’ …. Where is the true seat of power on the planet and what is their ultimate agenda?

What I see, is even the good guys resorting to making deals behind the scenes with governments outside the U.S. in order to accomplish their short term aims.  

At the root of this are we talking about a battle between the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds?  Or are they just the front men?

Do you really want to see the Hague in charge of the U.S. military?  Is that the answer?

Because no matter how these guys are slicing and dicing it we have making deals with the devil being set at our door.

Go ahead make my day… my year…. back some other puppet on the throne and think you’ve solved the problem.  But in the end, meet the new boss same as the old boss.  And meanwhile behind the scenes the various ET races orchestrate their version of events. 

So who is motivating Netanyahu.  I submit it’s those tall guys that visit the women at night in Israel, like Barry Chamish was saying.  Yes, the ones who throw dogs across the room because they are in their way, and ignore the women telling them to get out of their houses because they are trespassing.

I submit there are groups of races trespassing on our soveriegn planet.  The secret space program is going to be the ONE THING that whoever wins this war will want to keep in place… Think about it.  They are the ones who have the technology and the keys to the other planets.  They are the ones that whichever patriot group who thinks they are so bad-assed and mean is going to have to answer to and deal with.  And they won’t get those keys believe me.

How do you negotiate with people who are living say 10,000 years in advance of you?  We can play this game of musical chairs here on Earth and maybe one side will come to the fore for a time.

But when all is said and done.  They too will have to come face to face with the real guys behind the scenes.  “All worlds are yours except for Europa”, Arthur C. Clarke wrote.  By all accounts, someone who was clearly read in from way inside.  Why Europa?  Who goes there?  And what are they doing?

Really.  The bottom line is arrests of bankers notwithstanding… What is that gonna solve?  A witch hunt?  You think that is gonna solve your problems Earthlings?  I doubt it.

I for one am not out for blood.  That’s not what this is about.


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