Caveat:  We had already been told that people are being taken off-planet in preparation for coming events and earth changes.  These are people who have their “tickets” because of their level of involvement in the NWO or secret government projects known as ‘black projects’.  Or in some cases simply bankers and their families.  This is also widespread in the alternative news.

However, the following confirmation was given to me from a trusted SOURCE who is in touch with a scientist who either attended a Bilderberg meeting 3 years ago or has a close associate who did…

He was told that they are making preparations for going off-planet due to the incoming Brown Dwarf (and surrounding planets) also known as NEMESIS  or NIBIRU or PLANET X.  In this case the person referred to this brown dwarf as NEMESIS.  

They said the secret space program has been preparing for 60 years… and using “warp drive technology” to make it possible to establish bases, first on the Moon and Mars and then on the MOONS OF THE OUTTER PLANETS:  specifically, moons of Jupiter, Saturn and one of the moons of URANUS.

They have been preparing for the return of NEMESIS since then.  This object and her surrounding planets have been visible, they said, from the IRAS telescope since 1983.  It does return every 26,000 to 30,000 years and yet this pass by will be the closest ever according to this scientist.  He states that “they” at the Bilderberg meeting are very afraid because they do not have control over what it will do.  They are worried their underground bases will not provide sufficient safety during this crossing.

This scientist would not reveal where NEMESIS is now but says it is going to impact things in a big way on and around December 21, 2012.

They see the year 2012 as significant but NOT just because of the Mayan prophecy.

The earth changes will get worse before they get better, I was told.  This much is obvious if the above is true.

Additional random data:

1.  The European Space Agency Mars “Express” Probe sent out 3 years ago took pictures of the surface and captured green foliage.  This was put out then hushed up and changed.

2.  They discovered on their off planet bases that they need the SCHUMANN RESONANCE in order to maintain human health so they have had to build and install transmitters in all their off planet bases.

3.  The Bilderbergs and Rothchilds control the financial system and are planning a collapse within 5-6 months of the time this was relayed to my source in March of 2012.  That would make it right around August-September of this year.

NOTE:  I am simply passing along this information from a source because his source (this scientist) has no reason as far as we know to fabricate this information.  He is very unwilling to talk about any of it and will not discuss any of the above beyond his initial revelations to my source.  However, you cannot discount the possibility that this information is false and planted to create chaos.  

HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS TYPE OF INFO:  There is mounting corroborating testimony with regard to Project Exodus… However even if publicly stated at a Bilderberg meeting it is still entirely possible that none of the above is true or that it is slightly or majorly twisted to create a state of fear in those that hear it.  There is always a mind control element to the dissemination of information that may eventually reach the public, in my view.  What that means is that other than adding this to other info you have received and cross-correlating it you should be wary and rely on inner discernment to ‘vet’ this and how it impacts you and your world.

Because the mission of Project Camelot is, to get the truth out, I will release information as I receive it when and if it correlates with previously vetted information which lends it credence.  However, in the end, I wait until I receive inner guidance from my higher self before acting on anything or taking it as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  

For my part, I do think the Brown Dwarf is real and incoming based on multiple whistleblower testimony and my own intuition.  When and how close I do not know.  


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