Please be aware that my job is to report to you, the readers, what sources that I trust and/or find credible are saying to me about what is really going on behind the matrix.  I will also write on this blog my pov of the information I receive and commentary on information being bandied about that I find questionable or downright wrong.

The point here is that I believe a well informed people are better able to make important decisions about themselves, their future and the futures of their loved ones.

If you don’t like what you read, sorry, but I don’t make the news I report it.  I try to stay away from bogus rumors and innuendo.  You will note I don’t go around for example pontificating about “impeding arrests” that haven’t happened.  

Project Camelot has risked our lives countless times to get the truth out.  We will continue to do so.  I know the risk and I made that choice long ago and it will not change.  I will get the truth out.  I don’t have to like it.  In fact, the truth is often less hearts and flowers than the lies.  I can recommend some prominent mainstream networks if you prefer to get your news padded and twisted with disinfo.

On another subject, I am being told by a source that the Saudis are packing up quietly one by one and leaving the Olympics.  Further info suggests the reason for this may be wrapped up with immediate plans for war.  

This source disputes the “incoming object” as being the reason for goings on militarily in the U.S. and says it is all about rather sudden preparations for some ‘act of war’.  

What may be really going on is a combination of the two.  Or not.

The issue here is that our military and apparently Saudi preparations on some level are going on.  How much and WHY are still being investigated.

I will report more as soon as I know it.


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