UPDATE August 3rd:  The pilots and others educated in the impact on planes seems unanimous that birds can and do damage such as this to planes.  Most stress that the nose of planes is very prone to being damaged by colliding with a bird such as an eagle, duck or goose.  

I am still perplexed by this phenomenon and the lack of safeguards against it on planes.  I have been told they are made to be “light” and that this is a rare occurence. 

If you have more info beyond that which is in the mainstream and taught in flight schools let me know.


I am no aviation expert, but this seems absolutely implausible to me…  They are claiming this huge hole in the hull of a UA passenger jet was made by a bird.   

Could a duck or geese make a hole such as this encountering a plane?  When two vehicles collide one vehicle often has more damage than the other.  And it is usually the softer metal surface that sustains the most damage.

In this case if the planes are really that fragile there is something very wrong.  Clearly the plane sustained more damage than the “super duck” that must still be somewhere out there flying around.

Alternatively what really happened to this jet?  Collision with a UFO, or some kind of hit from an unidentified weapon.  Presumably a bullet wouldn’t leave such a large gash…

Send me your thoughts on this if you have a background as a pilot or in aviation or other information.  [email protected]

Meanwhile, what is it lately with Colorado??



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