Nighthawk aka Mike, owner and radio talk show host of Revolution Radio has been doing some investigation into the Aurora, Colorado shootings.  Today, he sent me the following audio excerpt of the Aurora police radio reporting 3 men in a car within a block of the shooter’s home, dragging another man into the car just prior to the shooting.

One of the men could be James Holmes…

Nighthawk writes, “I got the smoking gun”…

Also from David Wilcock he quotes the following:

“Found out, from insider contacts, that James Holmes was NOT supposed to have ended up in court, alive, pleading amnesia and looking totally disoriented. The Cabal is horrified by the fact that this was a “botched job”, and so many people are waking up to the idea of mind control that it is becoming widely known — and only hastening their downfall.”–David Wilcock

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