My contact who has been in touch with “Z” the NSA whistleblower has just had his life and family threatened over this information posted here:  projectcamelotportal.com/kerrys-blog/1206-large-craft-rather-than-planet.html

This should tell the Camelot audience that there is some truth to this story.

The bottomline that I and my contact are getting is that this is a VERY LARGE CRAFT… not a planet.  He has not had any word on this from the NSA whistleblower.  This is our intuitive impression of the object only.

UPDATE July 24, 2012 at 7AM:  This situation is now stable… From what I have been told.  What is unclear is why this particular information regarding the “planet-sized object” generated such a reaction from within the NSA.. or related organizations within our government/secret government. 

Regarding my upcoming radio show… Dr. Deagle is not able to make this show.  He sent the following statement regarding this:  

My information is secondary from John Moore’s sources and would not be able to comment on the issues until I complete more source analysis.  The general issues re the returning dwarf star and galatic plane radiation issues require the most meticulous care re date setting. 

Dr Bill 

 Is this a more cautionary stance on Deagle’s part?  I sent an invitation to John Moore but so far no reply.

Mike Harris has accepted my invite and will be on the show.

This is a developing story.  If this object close to Earth is going to manifest on or around August 17th at least the answer should be clear by then.  However, if this object is a craft, then why are we given dates for its appearance?  If it is a planetary object following a trajectory then dates might make more sense.  Unless of course, the gigantic craft is pre-announcing it’s arrival.  A craft traveling at a set speed along a set trajectory is trackable no doubt but a craft regardless of size can change direction at any time and so unless there is some communication going on, for sources with deep insider status to be giving out dates seems revealing on more than one level.  

The question is why these dates (August 17-September 26)?  This is just one among many questions that come to mind.

I am told it is visible in the infrared spectrum and by telescope.