This morning I had a long conversation with my contact who is in touch with the NSA whistlblower known as “Z”.  We are working on getting more specific information as well as the science behind the recent post on the large objects and more.

With regard to the so called “planet-sized object” referred to by Mike Harris from his source in a foreign intelligence service, it is beginning to look like this may actually be in the infrared spectrum and it may not be a planet at all but instead a very large craft.  Which might be what Norm Bergrun was talking about from the rings of Saturn… as big as 7,000 miles across.  I am looking into this.

I have invited both Dr. Bill Deagle and Mike Harris on my Wednesday radio show on American Freedom Radio at 7pm PT to discuss their information on the August 17th through September 26th time period since both of them seem to have been given their info from highly placed sources with the same dates.  The only difference is that Mike is being told it is a “planet-sized object” (which sounds like it’s not a planet! otherwise the guy would simply say “planet” don’t you think?)… And Dr. Deagle is being told (from what I hear) that it is “Nibiru”. 

We need to get to the bottom of all of this needless to say.

I don’t have contact with John Moore but if you can reach him please ask him to get in touch with me and he is welcome to join us in this discussion as his sources seem to be in agreement at least to some extent.  Contact :   [email protected]