I have often heard that SAIC is a company very closely connected with various alphabet agencies and above top secret defense organizations.

Today I received the following communication from an undisclosed source.  This information has not been verified or collaborated at this time.

The information I will relate is TOP SECRET, yet like everything else it is actually hidden in plain view.

S.A.I.C. company is a private defense contractor whose specialty  is to manufacture and train soldiers in the use of drones as an anti UFO defense weapon.

A very curious thing has happened of late; the department of defense is suing this company because over 1000 classified files, (records), of enlisted personnel trained by S.A.I.C. have gone missing.

Please do not use my name if you decide to post this information concerning this company.

There’s a very interesting definition of S.A.I.C. company in Wikipedia.                                                                                                                                                                            en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAIC_%28company%29 

Behind the scenes many of us are cheering for you, you are a lot more braver than I could ever be.

My prayers and thoughts are with you always.


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