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For those who follow the tabloids, and things scientological, you have to give Katie credit.  The 33 year old actress seems to have completely out witted, and out maneuvered the entire church of C$S bureaucracy, her ‘handlers’, and Mr. Alpha Male (tom cruise). 


She was using disposable cell phone(s) given to her by a friend for upwards of a year, and thereby bypassed her scientology ‘handlers’ electronic surveillance.

She rented/bought an apartment in NY City over a year ago and visited it monthly to legally establish residency in NY State.  Oh, and she got photographed doing public activities in NY city.

She had lawyers lined up in three states for support.

She timed the filing of divorce papers in NY city at a time when Tom was in Iceland committed to shooting a movie.  Interestingly the movie he is currently working on has the title: “Oblivion”!

Upon filing the papers she dismissed her scientology ‘handlers’ and already had her new-and-improved bodyguards escort the scientos out of her premises. If the pictures are correct her bodyguards look like they came from working the NY port waterfront, or pro football.

NY divorce courts allow full, and public,  disclosure of why a divorce is needed, verses California that is far more private.  She seems to have successfully blocked any attempt Tom might have used to try to move the court proceedings to California.

And, NY courts allow sole-custody when it is shown that one parent is… ah… not likely to benefit the child’s best interests.  It is probable that open court disclosure of Katie’s concerns for her 6 year old daughter might have included sea org indoctrinations, sec checks, etc: All of which would have caused the scientology lawyers and executives to panic.

THUS: Katie’s success is that 11 days after filing for divorce the papers were signed.  She  got what she set out to assure: Sole custody of her daughter.

Best to you Katie girl!


PS:  Which brings to question just how far down the homo-novis-scientos have gone in awareness, communication, perception, and reality when a 33 year old actress totally bests them. The fact is that Katie Holmes’ father is a divorce lawyer  just might have helped . :)))

For more on the Church of Scientology read our interview transcript with Dane Tops… Scientology Whistleblower



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