The White Hats from as promised are stepping up.  There newest communique #44 is now available.  And it’s great to have some company out here on the fringe or cutting edge as it happens.

They write:   “We concluded that the Bush Cabal was so strong that they could stop the Global Settlements, stop the Iraqi dinar revaluation, stop the CMKX settlements, stop the prosperity packs and all other scheduled settlements.  Turns out all of this is a front Our coming series of reports will give you the background so that we can then explain what the tickets are and who is handing them out. This will be crucial information. We have followed the money trail doggedly and it has led us through the exposures we have revealed to date…but they will seem irrelevant compared to the exposures to come. Dulce, Groom Lake, black projects, reverse engineering, advanced technology are among the revelations to follow.”

And finally, the coup de grâce:  …”While Dulce and Groom Lake remain a secret, the taxpayers continue to finance the NWO and their own doom.”

You gotta love this…. following the money all the way down the rabbit hole and where do they end up… right at the door to BLACK PROJECTS.  Welcome boys.  Pureheart is the key.

Once you follow the money and figure out where it really goes you are in the land of super soldiers, robotic superman, nanotech, satellites and space vehicles going interstellar etc. You have orchestrated wars to raise money and prune the population then taking the profits from military hardware and tech and invest in trading programs then funnel trhough Pureheart and into black projects.  To fund what?  Humanity 2.0, Underground bases and cities, off-planet terraforming and the space age NWO of which we are all a part only in the sense that Earth humans are the raw material used to feed the space age development that they have no stake in.  

Or do you?  And what about the dirty little secret about the Dulce Battle?  All the humans sacrificed to feed the dark side visitors to this planet?  All we want is for you to know the truth.  So you can choose what kind of world you want to create.  And then break the chains that bind and begin to create that… instead of laboring under the illusion that just feeding yourselves and your families is enough.  It’s not enough.  You must demand more…  You must know who and what you serve.  

Keep your eyes on their site and of course this blog… because this is going to get interesting.  




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