Updated: 6/8/12

Prison Planet has now picked up this story with added information for those interested.

Here is a link to the Dutchsinse video on this same issue.  (Alerted by me and Revolution Radio to this story…)

Originally posted on 6-6-12 around 1am PT

According to Revolution Radio there is a spike rather off the charts at least according to this site:


Everywhere else is 4 or 7 or 13 and Chicago is 1707 or right now 3507… makesno sense!??  Putting this out to Dutchsinse and others who might have more info.


“Note: Spikes or high readings do not necessarily indicate high radiation level readings. Stations are privately run and data accuracy is not guaranteed. If one station reads high but nearby stations show normal readings, then it was probably a glitch.”

There are reports of an increase of UFO sightings in the area as well.

There is large radio bursts across the short wave band.

Anyone with news from the Chicago area please contact Nighthawk in the next 2 hours at 347-688-2902.  Or send me an email:

[email protected]





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