The SITE you are talking about is not Project Camelot.  You are talking about Project Avalon.  That is a what is called a FORUM.  I and Project Camelot have nothing to do with Project Avalon.  Comments about you posted on Avalon are done by Forum members and there is a disclaimer posted on all forums that the owners are not responsible for the opinions of those posting.  

PROJECT AVALON is owned and run by Bill Ryan.  Bill Ryan and I split up our collaboration on Project Camelot in January of 2010.  If you want to sue him (which is ludicrious) he is English!  And lives in Vilacabamba.  So good luck.  Further he is not responsible for the opinions or postings of forum members.

Try getting your facts right.  That would go a long way to making you guys worth listening to… Lying about me and Project Camelot is useless.

–Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

The following link is exactly what I have written in response to Drake’s interview with David Wilcock and has nothing to do with what some other person wrote who did investigation of Drake on Project Avalon.

And just for the record, David Wilcock is a friend of mine and has been notified of your lies.






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