A SOURCE… tells me… in relation to the “dollar is going to crash” scenario:  This is a set up conditioning the public to think the financial system is shot and we need a “new” one.

This creates an opening for the NWO to put into effect their “order” in a “new form” that is suddenly thought to be better than the old.  It’s a deception.  

According to my source, this does NOT take into affect the OFF BALANCE SHEET money and gold which if put into the system RIGHT NOW would save Europe and the U.S. et al.

Further, Beranke & Obama are not in charge they are simply taking orders from Bush Sr.  and now maybe Rockefeller.

And…the Hagmann source says …”shoot to kill orders during collapse will be given to the police.”

CORRECTION:  According to my source:  If the people riot the police won’t be anywhere to be found… it will be the military.  And maybe not even the American military.


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