January 27, 2012 Updated

Gordon Duff starts down the Exposing the real Osama Road – Veterans Today

A must read for ALL NAVY SEALS who think Seal Team 6 took him out… get ready for true history lesson 1:

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Time Travel Expert Dr. David Anderson

click here for an update from Peter Moon publisher of the Montauk books…

I have invited Peter Moon to join us on the Thursday night LIVESTREAM on time travel and time manipulation… as well as Joseph Matheny cult author Ong's Hat a time travel classic and AI programmer extraordinaire… Don't miss this AMAZING EVENT…

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Troop Movements in LA and along the Malibu Coast

According to a friend the troop carriers were seen going along the Malibu coast yesterday…

click here for the story (I downloaded a copy on pdf in case this doesn't work!)

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White Hat Report #35 outs Romney and the dirty money he is using to get elected


How does he explain a billion dollars in his bank account…

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These reports are going to get even more on point going forward. Must read if you are following the money.

Obama doesn't show for Court Date in Georgia

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According to a source this Obama birth certificate issue is going to have legs in coming days…