January 26, 2012

Project Camelot — Navy Seals are said to be filing Complaints against Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot regarding my video with Bill Wood aka Bill Brockbrader

Naval Criminal Investigative Service / Re: William Newel Brockbrader, aka Bill Wood, Stolen Valor / 27130 Telegraph Road / Quantico, VA 22134 / ncis[DOT]navy.mil/ContactUs/Pa­-ges/default[DOT].aspx

Quoting from an unknown source: .."There have been several complaints filled in this 'Stolen Valor' case. Also a complaint against Project Camelot-Kerry Cassidy…."

Someone sent me the above…

Looks like someone is filing some kind of charges… Look, if you want to file charges and get us in a courtroom to discuss CLEARANCES that go way above top secret and what the secret government is up to… We will be happy to oblige and break open this can of worms to reveal the real truth of what your tax dollars are paying for and where the majority of military funding is really going.

Chances are, they don't dare push this case any further than online threats.

As a friend said…"you KNOW you're over the target when you take flak"!!!


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