January 25,2012

Banking Update – from a Source (not edited for typos etc)

* Again, Please Note. * We did not expect to be giving you and your team
a 5th Up-Date concerning Current Banking Status.

* At this time I would like to acknowledge Project Camelot for their
incredible diligence and hard work bringing the truth forward. Thanks
again Kerry.

* Our Team would also like to congratulate David Wilcox and Benjamin
Fulford for and amazing job exposing the FED and the Trillion Dollar Law
Suit. (Something we are following closely)

* Also to give kudos and a Hats off to jonniewg, Historian, Terryk, and
Studly for all the extremely hard work they have done trying to figure
out just what is going on within the Banking Sector, then bringing it to
us without ruffling too many feathers.

* Systems Stat – UST still in Lock down. Confirmed through several
sources. Time to completion – UN-known. (jonniewg is right again)

* BIS systems Re-Organization (DEC 15th to Jan 15th) to re-issue all
Bonds for Re-Alignment, Re-Valuation in progress. Time to completion – 6

* Blank Screens and the Bank screens reading 00.0000 then older rates,
then Blank again. UN-known. Assume it is being tested. (I have seen this

* Personal Banking Confirmation (CHASE, Main Branch, Manhattan, N.Y.)
Memos to Executives, (VP or better) Expect large influx of foreign
currency exchanges from Clients at the beginning of next month (1st thru

* Analysis – Still UN-Known.

* Conclusion – UN-Known – Amazingly UN-usual Banking Activity.


Regarding HIS NEW BOOK "Sands of Time" (click here for the book) about an above top secret project — true story based on the life of a black project scientist who was given the task to repair the tears in the timeline. The real story behind Montauk and beyond. We will be discussing the manipulation of the timelines and much more….

More guests TBD

I spoke with Sean this morning and he reminded me about Terrence McKenna's prediction –Time Wave Zero… which is a computer model based on the I-Ching… that posits that "the TIMEWAVE ZERO software, which has been on a downhill wave begins to WILDLY SPIKE staring Feb. 8-9 of this year, with a series of plateaus that mean we the HUMAN RACE will GLOBALLY come aware in a matter of MOMENTS rather than DECADES! This SPIKES to INFINITY on 12/21/12!! "… says Sean.

This directly relates to what Bill Wood has been saying regarding the Convergence of the Timelines.

Sean went on to say that, "Terrenc McKenna said Dec. 3, 2011 would be the START of the FINAL WAVE and 385 days=1 full LUNAR YEAR to Dec. 21, 2012, which is also the End of the Emperor Winn's I-CHING….and this is the year of the BLACK WATER DRAGON which is THE SYMBOL ON THE LAST PLATE OF THE MAYAN CODEX!"

You have to love Sean's encyclopedia like grasp of all this history…

He continued…"He (Emperor Winn) created the I-Ching in China in 5132 BC and Terrance McKenna based all the time wave stuff on a computer model of the I-Ching."

This is what our LIVESTREAM DISCUSSION will be about. As well as the various interventions of the secret government into manipulating the timelines…. And the Wingmakers material that relates directly to this. I urge you to read Sean's book prior to this Livestream!!

Sands of Time – Sean David Morton's new book

click here for the book


BILL WOOD LIVE EVENT – this event is now complete and available to stream on both youtube and livestream.

This version has been edited to remove the technical delay in the beginning and very end and everything else is the same:


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