January 23, 2012

Solar Flares on Time

From a source:

January 23rd 2012

"At 9AM Alaska Standard time the entire North side of Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the United States, went dark. THE BLACKOUT included the only Native American accredited Tribal College in the State of Alaska in Barrow, Alaska situated under the northern lights which have been very active for the past three nights (uh er– and day-dark hours).

At the same time, two large electric motors in Ilisagvik College college caught fire and burnt up, prompting an evacuation of the college and an entire shutdown until the situation could be evaluated. It wasn't until 4 pm that the "all clear" was given. There are stranger things in the far North Country under the noonday dark, and the residents have learned to survive and thrive there. "


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