Chinese Year of the Water Dragon

…”The Water Dragon is reputed to be a great danger to persons in high places who have been part of a criminal conspiracy or a cover up of a criminal conspiracy because the Water Dragon can see through the veils that are maintianed to cover up criminal mis-conduct.” — unknown

Since I was born in the Year of the Water Dragon… well this is Camelot need I say more?

Rumblings about the Dinar reval and the Global Settlements

We are hearing back channel chatter that the dinar is going through along with the global settlements… lots going on. No confirmation on this at this time: 3:53PM Pacific

For Tuesday:

Tuesday January 10th, 2012 at 8pm est., it’s “URBAN REVOLUTION” on Revolution Radio @ Speial guest ‘Kerry Cassidy’ will be on at 9pm est. to dicuss ‘THE ANGLO-SAXON MISSION’ with host ‘One Iam’. 6pm Pacific Time…

Time Change for John Zaskoda Show

Today at 12pm Pacific Time – John Zaskoda interviews Kerry on his internet radio show – Stranger Advice

Click here to listen or go to American Freedom Radio and Listen live

Gordon Duff – On UFOs, Majestic and more…

Listen to Gordon Duff Reporting on UFOs, the Real Majestic Documents, an alien/human exchange program that took place in 1965… on Mike Harris’s radio show January 6th Hour 1 in the Archive.

As one source says, who is letting this guy out there to talk!! Ex-alphabet agency… once an agent always an agent… this is disclosure.

Click here to access the archives of Republic Broadcasting

It’s very affordable at $1.33 a month


TUESDAY, JAN 10, 2012 – 11AM PT

Richard Gabriel & Judith Elter re NC2 – Investigation on the Giza Plateau

Click on the pic below to view live…

Cick here to read the background material in preparation

richard gabriel


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