Gold, Eternal life, Ponzi Scheme, Iran and more..


Gold and Immortality vs. Eternal Life

According to information from Ashayana Deane, gold is used as manna by the Anunnaki and other Anunnaki hybrids… in order to turn their bodies into immortal vessels… This is not the same thing as eternal life which is something granted through soul link up with the divine or Source.

If sources are correct about gold being nearly as plentiful as grains of sand… and this comes from among others my source Anonymous and before that from David Sales who was interviewed by Rayelan on Rumor Mill News April 7 2011 ..with this much gold to go around they could feed and house the world population easily.

So what we have are a group of self-serving beings who are their descendents hoarding and confiscating the gold wherever and whenever they can at the expense of the rest of the world. Yes, duh but worth repeating. What is striking about this information regarding Immortality vs. Eternal life is that it is the basic distinction between what I call the two paths; Robotic Superman vs. Angelic Human. On the one hand you have a focus on technology and power over others (saping the life force from others) vs. allowance… allowing humans to develop on their own using the process of bio-regeneration through meditation and clearing of karmic debt to re-activate dna…12 strand and beyond that leads to special powers and enlightenment. One is based in time and limited by time and resources which are finite and the other is everlasting. Which do you choose?

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8 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme – article

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KCRW – Show yesterday on Iran

I listened yesterday to a show on KCRW with a Financial Times Journalist who seemed to be acting as a paid informant for the NWO… In it he said, [paraphrasing] 'Obama spent the last year negotiating with Iran but now time has run out'.. intimating that the next step is war. This kind of talk and articles cropping up all over are pointing to a real agenda for them to start WWIII in the New Year.

Looking Glass Before it was "Shut Down"

One source said the plan is to take down Obama in the first two months of this year and then replace Biden (he moves aside due to health problems … no doubt 'helped along' and then Hilary or Bill Clinton step into first the VP slot then the President. The Speaker of the House is predicted will step aside… to allow this to happen…into the VP slot. Early succession games. A game of thrones indeed. All this in order to put Bill Clinton back into office during 2012 because they want a war president. Keeping in mind, this is all conjecture and conveyed to me by someone unnamed… there is one element here that could be in keeping with the Looking Glass prediction (according to D. Burisch) that said Hilary would be in the Presidency during 2012…

Walnuts are Drugs… according to FDA — what's next?

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